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Image Angel

By  Lisa O’Malley

I see a picture
Of you from the past
We are both in it
Laughing and smiling
Your birthday is in a week in a half
The thought of that is like a
stabbing pain
You are not here to celebrate  with us
But you are celebrating in heaven
And having cake
Watching golf
Waiting for dinner
Listening to Momom complain
about the Phillies
And how bad they’re playing
And the amount of work she must do
While you go off to a baseball game
When I think
Of this painful reality
I want to forget
That the world has people
I hear you speak to me
In the silence of my  heart
You remind me that all will be okay
That you are always there, I am never alone
If I remember that you are a constant presence
Even if it isn’t a physical one
I know that picture will someday return
And we will still be laughing and smiling
And taking long walks on those streets in the sky