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Joust Receives National Recognition

April 27th, 2011 — The Joust, Neumann University’s student newspaper, received a First Place award from the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA).  Headquartered in College Point, NY the ASPA oversees an annual, national contest and review service for student publications.  This year nearly 2,000 schools from across the nation submitted entries. Publications are first sorted by type –newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks are eligible, and then by the level and size of the sending institution  — entries are accepted from high schools to universities. Finally, a team of judges evaluates each aspect of the publication.   The Joust received 885 points, of a possible 1,000 – enough for a first place finish.  The awards are published in American Scholastic Journalist, a publication of the Association.

 “This award is a tribute the Neumann community,” said Dr. Joe Glass, advisor to the Joust and Assistant Professor of Communications, “and in particular, a tribute to the hard work, enthusiasm and vision of Andrew Pickul, our editor-in-chief, Russ Spangler (’10) and Frank Mazza (’11) our layout editors, and the entire group of student reporters, photographers, artists, contributors and editors.”

 The ASPA required the three most recent editions of the Joust to be submitted during the fall semester.  As a result, the 2010 May (Senior), October and November editions were judged. “I think our Spring editions are even stronger,” Glass noted. “Natalie Schiavi has been doing great work with layout and design, and Jessica Sabato [incoming editor] is on top of the editorial content.” Asked if he expects to top 885 points next year, Glass smiled, “Never underestimate Neumann students.”

First published in 1965 as the Campus Press of Our Lady of Angels College, the Joust  has evolved along with the institution — from a 2-page newsletter, to a black & white broadsheet; from publishing once a year, to once a semester.  Today, the Joust is a regular, monthly, full-color “newzine” — a hybrid newspaper-magazine. — with an interactive, full-featured online edition.

Neumann Radio Bracketology Standings Final

Bracketology Standings

Click the above link to download the final Neumann Radio Bracketology Standings.
1st Place: Lindsay Ayars (winner of iPod Touch and Phillies tickets to tomorrow’s game (4/6) vs. NY)
2nd Place: Kyle Rotan (winner of Phillies tickets to tomorrow’s game vs. NY)
Lindsay and Kyle both had the same number of wins but Lindsay’s first round number of winners beat Kyle’s
Four way tie for 3rd Place: Kevin Oleszewski, Rosie Keys, Dan Chrashewsky, Danielle Solomon.
Each of the four tied for 3rd receive a $25 gift card to WAWA.

The winner’s can stop down to the radio station (room 24 across from the ARC) to claim their prizes. Thanks again for participating in this year’s Neumann Radio Bracketology Challenge.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Neumann Media Video Tour

Welcome to Neumann University’s Neumann Media Club. This is a quick tour of what the club has to offer to students & faculty. Neumann students…CHECK US OUT at media.neumann.edu!!!

Neumann Radio Bracketology Standings Second Round

Listed below are the standings for the Neumann Radio Bracketology Contest. Our magic number for the second round is 33. Listed below are all submissions with 33 correct or more through the first 2 rounds.

Lindsay Ayars–39
Kevin Oleszewski–38
Tracy Brondo–37
Rosie Kays–36
Melissa Jarkowsky–36
Kyle Rotan–36
Carl Haines–35
Kevin Rudd–35
Jordan Elgart–35
Billy Cunningham–35
Michael Prouty–35
Dan Chreshewsky–35
Brian Petruzzeli–35
Danielle Solomon–35
Carolyn Duca–35
Tom Fox–34
Ryan O’Shea–34
Marc Gaillard–34
Bettsy Thommen–34
Andrew Scott–34
Brandon Webster–34
Kelly Johnson–34
Allie MacNeill–34
Rich McAteer–34
Samuel Cole–34
Eric Dogan–33
Chris Sheplock–33
Santino D’alessandro–33
Erin O’Shea–33
Adam Papaycik–33
Troy Miller–33
Bethany Humenik–33
Erik Heritage–33
Michael Smidge–33
Chris Morotto–33
Chris Simonetti–33
Van Johnson III–33
Neewilli Saie–33
Ryan Douglas–33
Talahya Jay–33
Mark Blount–33
Michael Lichtenstein–33
Ryan Barth–33

Good Luck to all those still in contention for the remainder of the tournament!!

Andre Gardner: a Virtual Visit


Andre Gardner "visits" NU April 20th at 2:30pm

Andre Gardner, a DJ from WMGK  will share his experience with the Neumann community on April 20th. 

Invited by Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications Honor Society,  Andre will be connecting live from his studio at Greater Media, to the Meagher Theatre in the Bruder Life Center at 2:30pm, as he works the afternoon shift.

Using Skype, an internet based virtual video conferencing software, Andre will talk with students, answer questions, and show everyone what goes on behind the scenes at a radio station.  The event should be of special interest to  CMA majors, but is open to the entire Neumann community — students, faculty and staff.

Gardner hosts the evening drive from 2:00 – 7:00 PM during the week as well as Breakfast with the Beatles on Sunday mornings.

This event launches the Lambda Pi Eta Communications Forum, a new, yearly initiative from the honor society.

The Joust: Going Digital, Going Green

by: Joust staff

Photo: Maggie Smith

From Our Lady of Angels to Neumann College, to Neumann University. The institution continues to evolve. And so does its Campus Press.

From humble mimeographed beginnings, to once-a-semester newstock, to monthly newzine, the Joust now enters the digital age in a new way: the Joust Online.

Developed throughout the spring semester as a Journalism Workshop project by seniors Meghan Rogers and Brandon Thomas, and helped along with technical assistance from Dan Smith, manager of media services, the site is now ready for critical review from the Neumann community.

The mission of the Joust Online remains the same as the print edition: an outlet for student voices. Contributors may report on any subject in any format (news, reviews, cartoons, photos, poems, polls, opinion, etc.) but must do so within the boundaries of reverence, integrity, service, excellence and stewardship.

Moving the Joust online should create an outlet for more voices to be heard, according to Joust advisor, Dr. Joe Glass. “More stories, more contibutors, more timely and more feedback from readers — thats been our objective and I think the website goes a long way toward meeting it,” he said. “The Joust online allows us to expand our coverage in ways we never could in print. We are no longer limited by page count, printing expense and — most importantly — we have found a way around long lead times and monthly drop dates,” he added.

Does this mean the end of the print edition? Glass isn’t saying definitely, but one gets the feeling he wouldn’t miss it. “With the proliferation of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Blackberry, and soon the iPad I believe the Joust Online is our future,” he said. “The Neumann community will have to visit the site, play with with it, post comments and tell us if the future starts today.”

The online edition debuts with campus news generated by Joust staff, wire stories from Collegiate Presswire, Neumann sports updates generated by the Athletic Department, local news courtesy of the Delaware County Times, catholic news from the Catholic News Service, and an opinion poll. It also features links to past print editions, a basic site navagation guide, and a “meet the staff” area still under development. Already, reporters have the ability to write and post stories on a daily basis, and readers have the ability to leave comments and instant feedback.

Free from limited press runs and local distribution, the Joust can be viewed from anywhere in the world by a theoretically unlimited audience. Glass sees this as a plus for alumni, parents and prospective students. He also believes saving $1,000 per issue in printing costs is a plus for the institution while saving the trees is a plus for the planet. “I can’t thank Meghan and Brandon enough,” he smiled. “I love the work they’ve done. Here’s hoping the Neumann Community loves it too.”

Joust Online Developer Interviewed

by James Meyers

Photo: Salvatore Vuono

As Neumann moves into the future so does its student run paper. The Joust is Neumann’s newspaper, and it is getting one a major makeover. The Joust will now have a larger online presence. Recently, I asked senior Meghan Rogers co-creator of the Joust website (along with senior Brandon Thomas) a few questions about the site.

Joust: Who’s idea was it to bring the Joust to the Web?

Meghan: I think the idea originally came from Joe Glass. I was in his Journalism Workshop class last semester and one of the projects he threw out was that he wanted to see what it would take to get the Joust online. The idea really appealed to me so I took on the project and started researching the best way to go about the project. One way or another the project got held up and by the end of the semester all we had was a plan about how to go about it. This semester, I have Journalism Workshop II and picked the project up again this semester. Brandon Thomas also stepped into help this semester.

J:  Where do think the site will be by the end of the semester?

MR: The site should be fully functioning by the end of the semester. We’re doing some fine tuning now, and once that’s completed we’re going to focus on how to get people to check the sight more often.

J: What kind of feedback have you gotten about the blog?

MR: Though it’s available now, it’s not really for the Neumann community yet. It’s very much still in the development stage.  Brandon & I are still working with it and the stories may or may not be current.   Dr. Glass has been posting some just to let us work in a more ‘real world’ environment.  Other stories are really just place holders.   We haven’t done anything yet to launch the site officially so we really haven’t gotten any feedback yet.

J: Where do you see the Joust in 5 years? Fully online or both Physical/online?

MR: It’s hard to say with the Joust. I think it’s going to depend on the evolution of the paper. It isn’t a daily or weekly paper like most colleges. Since it only comes out once a month I think I would have a longer print life span than most. One of the main reasons we wanted to get the paper online wasn’t just because it’s the internet age, we also wanted news to be accessible to students in between print editions.

J: What do you hope will come from having the Joust online?

MR: Our main goal is to have news and upcoming events more readily available to Neumann students. This will also give our journalist more of an opportunity to write and have an even greater impact on the Neumann Community.