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Major of the Month–Sport Management

By: Jessica Sabato
Senior Staff Writer

     The Sport Management program started at Neumann in 1997 when Dr. Sandra Slabik, Director of the Undergraduate and Graduate Program, was contacted by the school to create the curriculum for the major.  With a history of playing sports her whole life, coaching and being an Athletic Director at another college, Slabik was perfect for the job.

     “Growing up I was always involved in sports, whether it was playing in an organized league or just a pick-up games with friends so choosing this major was not a tough decision,” junior Brittany Russ said when asked about choosing her major. “I started working at the recreation center in my town when I was 16 and from then on I knew I wanted to work in the sports industry.”   

The Camden Riversharks are one of many possible internships for Sport Management majors

The Camden Riversharks are one of many possible internships for Sport Management majors.

  However, some people get into the major for all the wrong reasons, such as thinking the four year program is a glorified coaching degree and that all your classes are sport related and require little work. 

However, when Slabik was in the midst of creating the program, she knew adding business classes to the major requirements were a key factor.  By putting business classes, such as microeconomics, into the curriculum, Neumann Sport Management students were one step ahead of other graduates in their major.

     While most freshman come into the program in hopes of working with a major league team throughout their four years, the reality hits that there is not a job opening for every Sport Management with their potential dream team. Senior Matt McGovern agrees.

     “My dream job in this field is to become an Athletic Director at a high school or a small university such as Neumann,” said McGovern. “Coming into Neumann I always believed I wanted to work for a professional sports team but as I got deeper into the major, I realized that working within an athletic department would be the best fit for me.”

     When most people think of a Sport Management student, the image of a male normally comes to mind.  However, at Neumann, there are approximately 20 women within the major.

     “On the first day of class it was weird just looking around and seeing only three other girls in a class of thirty students, said senior Julia Keenan. “But after that day you really get used to it and it seems completely normal to me now.”

     The classes and seminars challenge both men and women within the major, leaving for interesting classroom discussions and projects.

     “Some difficulties would have to be in our Facilities Management class going over the different stadiums and arenas,” said Keenan. “I mean who knows that the kind of grass Citizens Bank Park has is Kentucky Blue Grass off the top of their heads? I can say that I do now.”

     It’s always good to love what you do and it seems that sport management students have chosen the right field to do just that.

Photo Provided By Julia Keenan

Just the Other Day…

Snooki – Emilio + The Real World + The Situation= Bad Romance

Emilio Masella, former boyfriend of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, claims that Snooki broke up with him via voicemail on Sunday night.  Masella tried to tell Snooki over the weekend that he is in the process of trying out for MTV’s The Real World, and she was not too happy about it. Masella claims Snooki said that she felt like he was going to cheat on her while on the show, which lead him to believe she had done some cheating herself.  Snooki also believed that he was using her to get onto the show. When he tried to call back, she hung up.  Monday morning rumors already started to swirl about a possible new hookup between Snooki and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

No-Go to the Next Round For Gosselin

It is official, Kate Gosselin has FINALLY been kicked off of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS), Tuesday April 20th.  Thank God! She needs to get back to her family life before the taping of her TWO new reality show.  Kate Plus 8 will be returning in TV in the fall. It’s main focus will be how Kate and the childrens’ lives have changed since the removal of Jon from their home. In her newest show, Twist of Kate, Kate will answer letters from fans who were touched by her story, or have large families and are seeking out for advice.  Also, if you’re interested in what Kate has to say to her children in letter form, which you probably don’t, you can purchase her book  I Just Want You To Know.

Cirque Du SolJackson?

Rumors have been confirmed and Cirque Du Soleil will be adding a Michael Jackson theatrical show to their company name.  Opening in 2011 in Las Vegas, The Michael Jacksonesque acrobat show will be based off of a concert MJ would typically perform.  After Vegas, Cirque plans on touring the world.  Coming up in 2012, the MJ show will return to it’s hometown for good at MGM Mirage. The show is bound to be a huge success! Probable names of the show are being thrown around right now, but none have been confirmed.

Kumar Will Be Bumming Off of Harold

Actor Kal Penn, better known as Kumar from the Harold and Kumar movies, was robbed early Tuesday morning. Being held at gunpoint, his wallet and other personal items were stolen.  In D.C. Penn was associate director of public engagement under President Barack Obama’s administration.  He decided earlier this month he would step down from his position in order to start up the taping for the next Harold and Kumar movie, which will start taping this summer.

Tara Reid Was Engaged?

Evidently!  Reid is calling off her four month engagement with internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann. Reid and Axtmann only dated for a few months before he popped the question.


Marriage is CLEARLY NOT for King

After 13 blissful years of marriage, Larry King and wife Shawn Southwick King call it quits.  Why?!? As of now no one actually knows, but by tomorrow it is almost promised that rumors, true and false will be flying.  Southwick was King’s 7th wife, however, he did wed  Alene Atkins twice. King and Southwick have two sons together, Chance, 11, and Cannon, 9.  King has filed for split custody and hopes to stay a huge part in his childrens’ lives.

Radcliffe: Sorcerer of Broadway?

After bearing it all in the 2008 Broadway production Equus, Daniel Radcliffe will be starring as J. Pierrepont Finch in the re-make of the 1961 Pulitzer Prize winning musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The play is to hit the stage in Spring 2011.  Harry Potter fans, do not worry, Radcliffe is in the process of filming  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final installment in the blockbuster film series.

That’s What Friends Are For

After being the executive producer of George Lopez, Sandra Bullock and George Lopez still remain friends; best friends at that.  After all the hype and gossip happening between Bullock and her soon to be ex-husband Jesse James, Lopez stepped up to the plate as her shoulder to cry on. “She’s a beautiful person, and when she needs friends, of course I’m going to be there.” George Lopez said to People magazine.

Everyone is Doing It!

Coming out with their own line of perfume that is! The latest celebrity to jump on the fragrance bandwagon? Jennifer Aniston.  Lolavie, the name of Aniston’s new product is a “non-perfume, perfume,” as she likes to call it.  This product is organic, and Jen does not want people to not only say “You smell great,” but ” You smell fresh and natural!”

Jonas: Competing for Charity

Kevin Jonas will appear on NBC’s Minute to Win it on May 23rd.  Minute to Win It is a competition where contestants must compete nearly impossible tasks in a minute or less.  Jonas will donate all of his winnings to Change For The Children Foundation.  Minute to Win It airs every Sunday on NBC at 8 PM.


‘Other Day’ – Another’s Say

Another new column coming soon! Tentatively titled, Just the Other Day, Jess Sabato will be bringing readers of the Joust her reflections on the latest news, headlines,  and rumors from the entertainment world.  Jess will continue to be a regular contributor to the print edition.