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By: Jamie Lisberger

Shells shine like glistening silver in a pool,

They are so beautiful, they are so cool,

Each shell is so beautiful and rare,

Always shining, always there,

You cannot help but want them all,

Remember collecting shells when you were small?


The shells remind me of so many things,

Treasures like relationships, friendship, and shining rings,

When they break, it reminds me of trust,

It seems small at the time, but if broken turns into dust,

Shells all look different in shapes and sizes,

As people are diverse, so are these prizes.


Like relationships you may collect plenty this is true,

At the end, however only one will perfectly fit you,

Fights you create, even if you forgive, wear a constant crack,

Beautiful ones remind you of great days and years,

Broken ones remind you of fights and tears.


Shells’ value changes depending on who you are,

They could be equal to nothing or could feel as rare as touching a star,

If you love a specific type that you see,

It might just show what kind of person you are or want to be,

While some are pretty and unique to own,

Ones that are dull and common still should not be left alone.


Shells all have special meanings for the ones that take them,

Each and every one I collect mean as much as collecting a small gem,

Only a few come in just one color,

If they do, you can get another,

Shells bring you back to childhood when nothing could go wrong,

You remember the days you collected them all day long.


The ones you receive can bring you far,

To memories of who you were, but now no longer are

They remind you of your friends and loved ones,

Even of favorite foods like sticky buns,

The shells I have tell of when I was a kid,

Back when collecting shells was all I did.

Come to Campus, an Eagle Has Landed

For the protection of the interviewee`s identity, he wishes for his personal information to be concealed:
“It was just like any other night. As we sat telling stories and joking around with one another, sitting inside our blue tent with a slightly lit candle reminiscing about months ago. It was a very quiet night, not much going on except some laughter permeating outside of the tent in a distance. Other than that, it was relaxing. However, after awhile I noticed that it was almost too quiet, but I did not think anything of it. I sat facing my friend about a foot away from him and continued to talk for about another hour. About thirty minutes went by when I heard a whistling sound, with what I thought was in the distance, like one of my buddies singing or something. However, I was wrong. The sound was actually closer than it appeared; only I wish there were some sort of mirror warning inside of the tent to give me a heads up. Before I knew it a missile rocket speared straight through my tent exiting the other side of the tent. There was complete silence, until my friend spoke. He chuckled and said, “Welcome to the marines.” I was speechless, and the only sound I could force out was anxious laughter. I laughed as I thought to myself, “What did I just get myself into? If I were any closer to my friend I would have been demolished.” Ironically, I came to know a missile rocket well for I was involved in infantry for the next two and half years.”
Mr. Smith, proceeded to tell his tale of life in the marines as he simultaneously checked bags and signed students into their dormitories. Mr. Smith is currently a Neumann University security guard. Every student living in Living Learning Center One passes by him daily. Who would have thought that a young guy like himself would have gone through so much in a short amount of time? Nobody would .It is shocking to realize that people that we come across in our every day lives may have an inspiring story to tell, a lesson to be learned, or just an individual full of character. This young man, Mr. Smith, about a few months ago was stationed in Iraq risking his life and the lives of his troops in order to protect the United States of America. Today, he sits behind a desk protecting the misconduct that occurs at Neumann University. One would believe that a security guard`s job encompasses just that; however, Mr. Smith`s job is much more than that. Mr. Smith`s job is sitting behind a desk and honoring the two and half years spent protecting his country.
Surrounded by many college students is not equivalent to being surrounded by a plethora of weapons on a daily basis. Having to call in a supervisor because a visitor overstayed their welcome in the dormitory is not equivalent to having to call in to a sergeant to notify him of a death. Mr. Smith is young, yet has learned so much from participating in the Marines. One may ask, “Well, how did he become a security guard or why is he not stationed over there now?” Well, Mr. Smith was injured pretty badly. Mr. Smith lost all nerve sensation on the right side of his body. I watched as he struggled to search through student I.D.s and search through book bags. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this young man. I would have never took the time to speak with Mr. Smith, if it weren`t for a simple question, “How did you get injured?” Mr. Smith spoke with slight hesitation saying, “It was two weeks before I was able to return home. A few buddies and I received a call to search the premise for any weapons. We were on this path and I noticed it was very bumpy. Again, I did not think much of it. I was waiting for my friend who was a little behind at the time. When he caught up to us, I proceeded to move forward. I took about three steps when I bomb exploded below me. I remember lying there and being in a lot of pain. I was not sure if I was going to live or not, I did not know what my injuries were, I just knew I was in trouble.” As Mr. Smith told his story, I could not help but look at his right side and try to envision the pain he must have gone through. Luckily, Mr. Smith was alright, except for the loss of nerves on the right side of his body. He is currently on a no duty status due to his injury. He made note that he has plenty of stories to tell, that one story within itself displayed courage. I cannot imagine what other situations he has been put through while overseas. I expressed my immense gratitude for telling his story and speaking with me. As I walked away from Mr. Smith`s desk, all I could think was, “He is the man in uniform, protecting the campus while protecting the country.” Do not underestimate the people that you meet on a daily basis. Take the time to get to know them, and maybe knowing them will introduce a new perspective on life. Just take a closer look at our campus, because you may never know what eagle is perched behind a desk protecting us.

Grammar Suffrage

by, Lauren Sherman


Stop waiting for something to happen, just stutter and stammer

Push forth as your tongue is just simply stating, where art thou now? Where art thou grammar?

Neither you nor I speak like that, we communicate like a generation not like a Shakespearean

Sonnets, soliloquies, monologues, and suffrage

Suffrage has nothing to do with a sonnet, a soliloquy, or a monologue; it has to do with our grammar

Grammar`s response to a hello or a goodbye is a dot, hook, or vertical line

Suffering, stammering, and stuttering are three words I know well

They start with the letter s and end with the letter g, if that is so then why is our generation not listening Mr. Gerund -Ing

Mr. Gerund -Ing begins with i and follows an n and finishes with g, why don`t Americans start with a g and end with an r and learn to pronounce phonetics, syntax, and linguistics to spell out the word: grammar

If you are listening to me, then pronounce your g`s and express your r`s and collect the m`s that make a word come apart

Their and there are ones to be mistaken, but there are many mistakes made, and their mistakes are not forsaken

Quit using the word like and fill the space with a sound more familiar, this is not sequential, rather it is word order, so inhale a word as if it were anthrax and develop a grammar disorder referred to as syntax
Where the word like would be treatment and discharge from rehab would be

Like resembling, like my favorite, like I am fond of, like and like and like my repetitive addiction will not trigger withdrawal so quit already

Because this is like nonsense, and nonsense is like grammar and grammar is like communication

Get Ready America, My Mistakes Are Reflecting: GRAMMAR

So, take a slight sample and weigh the gram, and collect the data and listen to them rambling on and on to solve

Gram plus ram in reverse is grammar land, but this is not a game, nor a mathematical equation

This is simply, stuttering, stammering, and suffrage spitting out syllables of syntax and sophistication

Wow, there were a lot of s`s within those words, but hey who is counting, it is called alliteration

Make the g kiss the r and roll with it, toss and turn flipping the spatula letter w into the air constructing two small grease molecules known as m`s, and compliment the condiment a to an r

This is my definition of grammar, like linguini, like silverware, and like great food is equivalent to grammar because without it, we could not help but stammer ever so suddenly slightly sincerely slipping silent vowels in serenity. Softly, saying something sincerely stammering ever so slightly so suddenly searching. Searching for a g- r-a-m-m-a-r, spelling of slight seven semantics savoring the flavor of seven letter suffrage simultaneously stripping soliloquy samples on top of your grammatical mantles

Because with grammar comes speech, and with speech follows sounds, and sounds introduce understanding, and with understanding brings meaning

If you like continue to like speak as if you like never met like William Shakespeare, then I suggest you like dig his grave and like speak straight to him rather than like use a subtle lisp leaning

Leaning towards a generation of grammatical errors, mistakes, and miscommunication,

If you have the tendency to continue to use the word like in your vocabulary

Then use Mr. Gerund`s advice to your liking because like is like a simile and a simile`s heart beats to the rhythm of a metronome, Hey! Can you like hear this metaphor? Like connecting a simile is not uncommon, it is ordinary

So use it properly

Suffering, stammering while shoving steak knives slowly into the abdomen of an incorrect spelling, synchronizing a metaphor to fit a simile, and liking the word like while using it barely is a good thing.

Really, these are good things, honestly

Because grammar gives you angelic powers so sit back and suffer while stuffing your face with a bowl of alphabet soup and watch as you will gain weight, yet it will lift you high beyond the sky where suffering will transform into grammatical survivor wings

So at this point, I advise you to fly.

Their Hazards, Their Generations!

by, Lauren Sherman

There is a generation of A T & T, T Mobile, and Sprint

Most kids do not waste their time reading

Most kids spend their time speeding

Cruising down 95 with their music blaring and their windows tinted

Their vehicles in motion, lonely straps untouched who have wished to lip lock with the buckle

Cruising down 95 with their rims spinning and their cell phones ringing

Not a single thought goes through their minds as they are simultaneously singing

Hands pressed firmly over their cellular devices as their pace quickens

Speeding down 95 with their invincible thrill and their permeating chuckle

Chuckling passed the horizon, switching from lane to lane, passing cars and license plates

Somber screams awaken on the pavement, their carousels spin around and around, pressing aggressively on their brakes, and ramming into two thick, wired gates

Their protective cushions slash across their faces, as their vehicles cradle on top of those two, wired gates, their cellular devices are nothing, but broken

There is a generation of kids who waste their time speeding

Their generation should spend their time reading

Entering the keys not to their ignitions, but

Pressing the keys to form words with definitions

There is a generation of kids wasting their time typing a text

When their generation should be spending their time reading so they learn what could come next

There is a generation of kids who should spend their time receiving advice

Their generation is broken, shattered into little chards of glass like their cellular device

A vehicle is a device, a cell phone is a device, but using both at the same time will shatter you

Literally, shatter you just like the cellular device because you are not invincible nor a device
There is a generation of kids who spend their time speeding

Their generations would rather text then waste their time breathing.

It is important to communicate; however, make sure you communicate in such a way that is both safe and appropriate. Do not text and drive. If you are using both hands to control the steering wheel, your brain should help control it too. Do not get too distracted while driving. Think about it. If you receive a text while driving, won`t the text still exist when your vehicle is in park? Yes! So, do not rush to respond or type a text message. Make sure you are able to respond or type a text when you are still conscious. There are many dangers out there on the open road, but texting while driving is one that can be prevented. If you text while driving, you are not invincible and you could be putting yourself as well as your fellow drivers in danger. Be careful! Drive safely, respond later, and communicate effectively.

My Blog

Glossy, tear stained blotches on paper, a glob

Erasing the inadequate efficiencies and doubts

Coloring outside the lines, yet remaining untamed, a blog

Furnishing the whip of imagination and fear, forcing it out

Pertaining to you, in regards to me, a spilled pint of syllables go on for miles

Punctuating a smirk, editing a anecdote, and collaborating a plot

Inadvertently creating a letter to form a word, unintentionally making a sentence smile

Reaching for depth, wrapped up in a word and untangling the knot

Securing the wisdom inside of your head, configuring your thoughts splattered with a dull ink pen

Splashing, spotted, and succinct stains hovering the page, a glob

Exiting your creation and entering reality, take a deep, long breath and count to ten

Focus, appreciate, and follow this bewildered nonsense of truth, my blog.