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Leadership as a Lifestyle, Not a Position

by Frank Altamuro

Neumann University hosted their annual Leadership Conference on August 20, 2012. The semi-annual conference is for students at Neumann who are enrolled in the Institute for Student Leadership Formation. This Institute was founded on the values of St. Francis and its mission is rooted from servant leadership. The conference is linked to the Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society. Students who complete four semesters of the institute will graduate as member of ODK and receive an honor cord.

Neumann University’s Institute board members correlated on ways to enhance the effectiveness of the Institute and conferences. This year Neumann invited high school students from the Tri-State area to participate in the fall conference. “Part of the Institute for Student Leadership Formation is reaching out to external audiences. What better group of people to invite then the leaders from Catholic High Schools? I was delighted at the response we received. Hopefully, the Institute will continue to find ways to foster leadership in young people, both in and out of Neumann University,” says Sr. Peggy Egan, Dean of Students. Sr. Peggy is also the chair to the institute board and pioneered the conference expansion.

The day began at 9am in Neumann’s Meagher Theater. Frank Altamuro, President of Student Government, was the Master of Ceremonies. Altamuro introduced the campus ministry team for a prayer and reflection. Following this, Dr. Rosalee Mirenda, President of Neumann University, began the morning with a discourse on servant leadership. Dr. Mirenda emphasized the importance of self-confidence. She illustrated that true leadership originates from oneself and is prominently displayed when a person is serving outside of their elected position. To capitalize on this point, Altamuro introduced key note speaker Father Kevin Nadolski, Director of Communications and Development for the Wilmington Providence Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. Father Kevin’s speech focused on hospitality. He narrated the story of the Good Samaritan and explained the importance of lifting those who have fallen.  Brian Forrest, Orientation Leader, stated, “I never realized my leadership abilities can be so influential. The connection between the Good Samaritan and servant leadership, along with comedic interludes, helped me grasp the concept of hospitality.” Ensuing Father Kevin, were student and faculty responders. Responders gave insight on their point of view on a given topic. Two Neumann leaders and Sr. Pat Hutchinson OSF shared the idea of the importance and urgency of spreading the word on servant leadership. Both high school and Neumann students then were intertwined in a table discussion. The groups chose a speaker as they answered questions on incorporating hospitality in their leadership duties. Tiffany Connelly, President of Neumann Media, said, “It was a great opportunity to connect with the high school leaders. Many were eager to ask questions and participate in the activities. Few were knowledgeable on servant leadership and were enthusiastic about expanding their leadership qualities.”

After lunch, guests were divided into workshops that were presented by Neumann students with the supervision of institute advisors. Workshops varied with topics such as Conflict Management, Positive Attitudes of Leaders, Self Care and Striving for Peace. Students from Neumann and the high schools were randomly assigned to a workshop in order to create a diverse array of leaders within each of the ten classrooms. “The explanation of leadership formation by the use of Alex’s Lemonade story and correlation exercises we experienced, made the workshop not only fun, but informative on the misconception of leadership solely as a position,” stated Richard Tutak, Resident Assistant.

Peer evaluations showed this conference was beneficial to both groups of students. “High school visitors came in with an open mind. This opened doors of opportunity for each of them. In my opinion, this was a leadership head start. I look forward to staying in contact with these students for the duration of the year,” added Jillian Harkness, Student Government Member. Over 80 high school leaders and over 140 Neumann leaders came together to support the vision of St. Francis. Neumann University plans to continue to build on the high school to university relationship. The goal is to continue to train Neumann students so that the message of leadership formation continues to spread in the local faith communities.

This year was the first time in Neumann history, that the leadership conference was ran by the students themselves. The faculty advisors at Neumann were pleased with the outcome of the conference. Collectively, they believed this message of leadership was pertinent and felt that students learning from other students was the best way to achieve a fuller outcome. Sr. Pat Hutchinson stated, “The biggest message for me was communicated thorough the attitude of the Neumann students. They were professional in every way – in dress, in outreach to the high school students, and in their manner of presentation.” At conferences, communication is the key. Sr. Pat added, “I watched in awe as our students reached out to welcome the high school students, to engage them in conversation, and to share the gifts they have developed.”

Dr, Rosalee Mirenda, President of Neumann University, Sr. Maurguerite O’Berne, Vice President of Mission and Ministry, and Dennis Murphy, Vice President of Student Affairs, oversaw the conference activities and felt overjoyed by the genuine connection with the students involved. Neumann is working to take strides for their January conference to match what was known by students as the most beneficial conference at Neumann in institute history.

Inside View: Behind the Pillars

by Dr. Ed Hastings

Perhaps you have noticed the beautiful pillars in the Bayada Atrium in the Mirenda Center for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development and wondered about them: What do they represent? Why were pillars chosen and placed in the Bayada Atrium? How were the names of the pillars chosen? Why do the pillars light up?

We chose to represent our unique vision of the integration of  sports, spirituality and character development with the symbol of pillars because we believe these pillars undergird whatever we do. You’ll notice that they don’t specifically hold anything up, but they undergird all that the Institute stands for and speaks about.

We wanted our athletic facility to be more than a gym; we wanted it to embody not only the mission of the Institute but also the mission of our Catholic, Franciscan values.

The pillars sit in a relatively quiet space where they can be viewed in a reflective manner.

The five pillars are respect, reflection, balance, beauty and play. We chose these five significant aspects of the life of St. Francis and St. Clare because these  five most easily connect with sports.

Not that sports were a part of the lives of Francis and Clare, but these important aspects of their lives can be seen in contemporary sports for those who have eyes to see them.

Also, the pillars light up. Here we were trying to capture the idea from the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 5, verse 15 that says: “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do we light a candle, and put it under a bushel basket, but on a candlestick . . . Let your light so shine before all, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

We are called by the Gospel of Jesus to proclaim our gifts and talents to the world, not for our sake but for the sake of promoting the kingdom of God. The Institute attempts to promulgate this message in whatever it does.

You can view these pillars online at www.isscd.org . This website will take you on a virtual tour of the pillars and you can view them. There will soon be some new renovations of the pillars, so watch for them.

[This article is the first in a series by Dr. Hastings. Watch the Joust for the next installment. –eds.]

Sun Come Up: Climate Change Documentary at Neumann University

Neumann University will hold a screening of the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Sun Come Up, on October 4 at 9:45 a.m. in the McNichol Room of the Life Center. The film depicts some of the world’s first “forced climate migrants,” inhabitants of the Carteret Islands just north of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. The event is free and open to the public.

Neumann University will hold a screening of the
Academy Award-nominated documentary, Sun Come Up, on October 4 at 9:45
a.m. in the McNichol Room of the Life Center. The film depicts some of the
world’s first “forced climate migrants,” inhabitants of the Carteret Islands
just north of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea.  The event is free and open
to the public.

This national screening, scheduled for hundreds of locations across the country
on the same day, is organized by the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change in
celebration of the October 4 Feast of St. Francis, who was named “patron saint
of those who promote ecology” by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1979.  The
screening will be followed by a discussion, and viewers will explore ways to
respond in light of authentic Church teaching on climate change and the

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops points out in Global Climate Change
and Our Catholic Response
that recent popes “have continually emphasized
the moral dimensions of climate change and our responsibility to care for
creation.” According to Dr. Elaine Grose, assistant professor of environmental
studies at Neumann, “Pope Benedict XVI and the U.S. Bishops have recognized the
human causes of climate change and understand it as a moral issue. They call on
people of faith and good will to address this challenge.”

“Predictions of a warming planet are now becoming reality,” says Grose, “People
around the world are experiencing increased drought, wildfire, flooding, food
and water stresses, disease, and population displacement. These phenomena
compromise key elements of Catholic social teaching, including our commitments
to protect human life and dignity and to be especially mindful of the poor and
vulnerable, who are disproportionately harmed by environmental degradation and
climate change.”

The screening is sponsored by the University’s Care of Creation Committee. To
reserve a seat, call Elaine Grose at 610-358-4240.

Neumann Radio Bracketology Standings Second Round

Listed below are the standings for the Neumann Radio Bracketology Contest. Our magic number for the second round is 33. Listed below are all submissions with 33 correct or more through the first 2 rounds.

Lindsay Ayars–39
Kevin Oleszewski–38
Tracy Brondo–37
Rosie Kays–36
Melissa Jarkowsky–36
Kyle Rotan–36
Carl Haines–35
Kevin Rudd–35
Jordan Elgart–35
Billy Cunningham–35
Michael Prouty–35
Dan Chreshewsky–35
Brian Petruzzeli–35
Danielle Solomon–35
Carolyn Duca–35
Tom Fox–34
Ryan O’Shea–34
Marc Gaillard–34
Bettsy Thommen–34
Andrew Scott–34
Brandon Webster–34
Kelly Johnson–34
Allie MacNeill–34
Rich McAteer–34
Samuel Cole–34
Eric Dogan–33
Chris Sheplock–33
Santino D’alessandro–33
Erin O’Shea–33
Adam Papaycik–33
Troy Miller–33
Bethany Humenik–33
Erik Heritage–33
Michael Smidge–33
Chris Morotto–33
Chris Simonetti–33
Van Johnson III–33
Neewilli Saie–33
Ryan Douglas–33
Talahya Jay–33
Mark Blount–33
Michael Lichtenstein–33
Ryan Barth–33

Good Luck to all those still in contention for the remainder of the tournament!!

SIFE Club Hosts 5K Run for Breast Cancer

By: Colleen Gallagher
Contributing Staff

     The Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Club of Neumann University will be hosting the first Massey Breast Cancer 5K run/ 1 mile walk on Sunday, March 13 to generate money for the Janet Massey Scholarship Fund and to raise awareness of breast cancer. Registration begins at 9:00am in Pavilion 17 of Ridley Creek State Park, where the event will take place.

     Janet and Joseph Massey, both faculty members of Neumann University, founded the Janet Massey Breast Cancer Survivor Scholarship in honor of Janet and to raise awareness of the disease. The scholarship is awarded to any student, male or female, who has been or whose family member has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

     Janet Massey moderates Neumann’s SIFE club along with faculty members Ellen Sloss and John Wong. Student Bridget Collins heads the club as president and Victoria DeCristoforo as the club’s secretary. All members of the SIFE club have been working together on the 5K run with Esteban Ugalde as project manager and Desiree Rosa as co-manager. SIFE is a relatively new club at Neumann that incorporates business concepts into projects, which participating students are assigned to and then sent out into the community to complete. Upon completion of these projects, the students attend competitions against other universities in the area, where they present their projects and are evaluated by business leaders and judges.

     “This is a great way for business majors to participate in something that benefits the community and to also get hands-on experience with business concepts,” said Rosa. “They can form great connections with businesses that are searching for up-and-coming talent.”


Becoming a mother is one of the greatest moments in a woman’s life. Ask any mother and they will tell you, the first time you look into your child’s eyes you will understand what the words “unconditional love” mean. Much preparation is needed for the arrival of a new baby, and for many women it can be a struggle. For first time mothers it can be a time of excitement and fear. Every year thousands of women find themselves struggling with the news of an unplanned pregnancy. They may feel as though their life has been turned upside, and they have no one to turn to.

Birthright of West Chester is a non-profit organization that offers women a chance to find hope regardless of their age, color, background, or economic status.  The volunteer staff lends their support by providing the women with a judgment free environment.  They help lend a helping hand to the soon to be mothers. Each woman is treated with respect and given one on one personal attention. They are a free of charge, charitable organization that is not affiliated with any religion or political group.

Birthright exists because of the financial and moral support of their volunteers and donors. The generosity of many people has helped provide maternity clothing, formula, diapers, baby clothes, and other supplies for the struggling mothers. If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation you can contact them through birthright.org. Imagine the difference you could make in someone else’s life. If you or someone you know is looking for help remember Birthright, a friend is waiting, for as long as you need one.  Because there are more and more women struggling with unplanned pregnancies these days, the need for loving support and generosity continues to rise.

As Nursing 205 students we are required to do participate in a service learning project. We realized that now more than ever there are more women struggling with the financial and emotional aspects of an unplanned pregnancy.  This is why we decided to partner up with Birthright.  There were 6 students who chose Birthright, 3 were assigned to coordinate a Maternity clothing drive, and 3 were to help with an advertising campaign around the Neumann Campus.  The group who handled the clothing drive did a great job, and while it concluded the week of November 1st, donations are still being accepted via the Knights for life group.  If you would like to donate please contact them.   Our task was to help advertise the services Birthright has to offer women from all backgrounds.  Dr. Joe Glass and Andrew Pickul of the Joust were kind enough to allow us the opportunity to write of our experience.  The Joust has also graciously allowed Birthright advertising space in an upcoming issue.  In addition, Sean McDonald at Neumann Radio has also given our group the opportunity to interview on air Therese Bentley and Peggy Gottschall the co-directors of the Birthright facility in West Chester.  We can begin to thank both the Joust and Neumann Radio for their help and support.  We would be wrong not to acknowledge Sister Peggy for guiding us to these organizations, and her assistant Debbie for her help and poster stamps.  This project has not only taught us about what a wonderful organization Birthright is, but introduced us to some of the amazing people on our own campus, willing to help when asked.

In this economy there are single women and married couples who are in need of support during and after an unplanned pregnancy. Many are not sure what to do about it. Our hope is that after reading this article regarding Birthright that anyone reading it could benefit from their services. We have placed Birthright literature in both the Nurse’s office and the Wellness center.  You may reach them online at www.birthright.org, or call the West Chester office at 610-436-0773 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our goal was to let the Neumann community know, that if you or someone you know has an unplanned pregnancy, there is help close by… Birthright.  Everyone deserves the support that Birthright offers, no matter who they are.


Melissa Le, Donna Rush, Chuck Leone

Neumann Fall Sports

By: Dan Angelo


Last fall, Neumann’s  men’s soccer team missed the NCAA tournament by two games – quite a feat considering the program’s condition just five years ago.

That was coach Kevin Sloan’s first year, and it wasn’t pretty.   One win and 18 defeat.  But three returning captains, Ryan Bushbeck, Zach Sell and Joe Avvento, were part of Coach Sloan’s recruiting class that season.  Since then, the team has grown up into an experienced group looking forward to 2010.   This year’s Knights expectations go well beyond an early round loss in the conference playoffs.

Bushbeck and Avvento practically respond in unison when asked about team goals.  “The NCAA tournament.”  Enough said.  To help the team ready themselves for their conference matchups, Coach Sloan’s imposed a goal for his team to navigate a tough, early-season, out of conference schedule.

“We want to create a winning environment… find out what we do best,”  Coach Sloan said.  Regarding this year’s team chemistry, captain Ryan Bushbeck believes, “This team has the best cohesion, the most talent, and the most depth of any team since I’ve been here.”

Coach Sloan told the Joust his team returned in top physical condition for summer workouts, which allowed him more time to work on tactics.  Supporters of the team will see as many as six different strategic alignments ranging from the more traditional 4-4-2 and the 4-4-3 sets to the rather uncommon 3-2-3-2.

“We play an attractive style that is fun to watch,” said Sloan.   “Earlier this month we tied 1-1 but we outshot our opponent 26-10.”

Coach and players alike think this year’s conference has plenty of parity, so preparation will be crucial.  Only three players were lost to graduation: second team all-conference goalie Zach Radcliff, and defensemen Josh Steer and Jim McFadden.  Junior Bob Mastrillo, who played goalie extensively as a freshman, has taken over in the net.   Senior Sergio Garcia and sophomore Andy Attah have moved into the vacated defensive spots.  Coach Sloan has been impressed by the early contributions of junior forward Andrew Leissing (presently the team’s leading goal scorer), freshman forward Evan Morgan and sophomore midfielder Nathan Beideman.

Early support from Neumann fans has been promising.  As the season progresses and – hopefully – the wins pile up,  Coach Sloan expects his team’s wide open brand of fun-to watch, up-tempo soccer will generate even more support.  So come check out your Neumann Knights under the lights.


Hey, want to play tennis for Neumann?  That’s pretty much how first-year women’s tennis coach Tony Patarino assembled this year’s team.  Jasper Thomson, Michelle Steward and Gabby Porcelli are the only returning players.  The remainder of team consists of ice hockey players in their first year ever playing tennis.  With all that inexperience Neumann won five of their first ten matches and started 4-3 in their conference schedule.

“It’s been like a Hollywood movie,” said coach Tony Patarino.

The team’s success is due in large part to their big three returners.  The doubles team of Michelle Steward and Jasper Thomson combine for four of the team’s ten doubles victories.  Jasper, Michelle,  and Gabby Porcelli have 17 of the teams 27 singles victories.

Steward owns nearly every Neumann career and single season record.  She has the most career victories with 29 and single-season with 17.  Also her career doubles victories and winning percentage are Neumann records.  Last year Steward and Jasper Thompson set the record for the most single-season doubles victories and best winning percentage in a single season.

If and when the girls make the playoffs this season, it will be the third different coach to do so in three years.  Hopefully for coach Patarino, there will have a happy Hollywood ending to his first season at Neumann.

This year’s team is on the cusp of the CSAC playoffs.  Last year’s team finished second in the conference. Hopefully the veteran leadership can provide this improving group with a happy Hollywood ending.


Two years ago, Neumann’s women’s field hockey team began its season with seven straight losses.  They went on to win the 2008 Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) championship.

In 2010 it has been like déjà vu for coach Kurpel and her five remaining players from that 08 team.  After an 0-7 start, they rallied to win five of their next nine games. More importantly they opened up 4-2 in conference.

Senior Terri Yurick broke the school record for defensive saves at the in the beginning of October. She leads a defense that a complete turnaround beginning of the conference schedule.  Through the first eight matches, the team allowed over five goals per game.  In the next eight, they averaged two goals per game.  Along the way, the recorded two shutouts.  Against Notre Dame of Maryland, their stellar defense allowed zero shots en route to their biggest victory of the season 6-0.  Impressive.

On the other end, freshman forward Megan George emerged as a key goal scorer to help spark the offense on a 4-0 start to the team’s October.  When asked about who would likely be up for all conference, coach Kurpel responded, “Chelsa O’Donnell, Maggie Carpenter, and Terri Yurick.”

According to coach Kurpel, sophomore Kelsey Mazur and senior captain Bridget Meekes made marked improvement from a year ago.  Senior Krystal Christensen also upped her goal output from years past.

Sophomore goaltender Maggie Carpenter has come into her own in her first season as the last line of Neumann’s defense.  She has excelled in conference play and has a chance to really make a difference.

With the defense playing this well, and the offense picking up steam, it looks like history could repeat itself this year.  Neumann Field Hockey appears ready to make a bid for their second ever NCAA bid.


he women’s soccer team has never been to the playoffs in their twelve year history.  The Lady-Knights fell one game short of a playoff birth last season.  One game!  After a disappointing 2008 season, second year head coach Jeremy Brodovsky led the team to the best season ever.  They tallied an 8-9-1 record going 4-6 in conference.

Coming into coach Brodovsky’s third year, he said the team’s goal is simple. “Make the playoffs.”

There is not one senior on the entire roster.  Nica Meccariello scored six goals last season as a freshman. Fellow sophomores  Alexis Tiernan and Maria Tivoli and juniors Heather Hopkins and Megan Garsey are the main returning offensive contributors.  Unexpected help came from first year sophomore Olivia Pryzbylkowsk,i who burst onto the scene with a hat trick against Philadelphia Biblical.

After getting off to a slow start out of conference (1-3-1), the team exploded on the conference scene with outscoring the competition 19-2 in their first six games to open up 4-2 in the conference.

Coach Brodovsky believes that freshmen Alyson Hop and Jordyn Agresta will mix in well with the sophomore-heavy starting lineup.

Look out for this team over this team over the next couple of years.  They may build a winning reputation around this campus for girl’s soccer as they have a chance to grow together and establish some great unity for the rest of this season going into next year.

There is a possibility that they will not lose one player from this year’s roster which will allow for two the kind of familiarity with one another that few teams have.


Coach Ronald Whiting won 5 national titles as a 12 time All-American runner at Lincoln.  He coached Roman Catholic high school and assisted at Widener and Lincoln Universities before his most recent assignment: reprising the cross country team at Neumann.

In the programs third year, returning runners Tim Schmitz and Kelly Rehder pace their teams on a consistent basis.  When asked who made the most improvement coach responded, “Kaitlin Broadhurst has lowered her times by a couple minutes.  She now is capable of being the second best runner any given week.”

The guys team is very freshman heavy, and there are freshmen contributors for the girls as well.  The ones making the biggest impact are Michael Hammond and Emily Stowell.  They both finish in the top three on each team.

When asked what team has competed better this year, coach Whiting admitted the girls are a step ahead of the guys right now.  The finishes prove that point.  The ladies have two fourth place finishes this year and at those same events, the men finished fifth and eighth respectively.

Coach said that if the team improves and places well in the CSAC championship, he will enter them in regionals come November.

Cross country races are usually 8k (5 miles) for guys and 5k (3.1 miles) for girls.  According to coach the teams range around 30-35 minutes for the men and 21- 24 minutes for the women.  That’s fast.

Coach made a point of showing his approval of how his athletes handle themselves away from running as he made a special mention that Kaitlin Broadhurst along with Captains Tim Schmitz and Kelly Rehder were all All-Acedemic performers last season.


Last season left a bitter taste in the mouth of the women’s volleyball team.  “Honestly, we were looking forward to Cabrini,” said returning Captain Lauren Sheehan.  They lost to Philadelphia Biblical and missed the finals for the first time in four years.

The team has enjoyed great success under current coach Deana Jespersen.  Now in her sixth season, she’s notched five playoff appearances and two conference championships, the first ever at Neumann.  This year team youth showed at times early in the season.  Five contributors, including three starters, are no longer with the team.  Katelin Kuklentz has been a standout freshman this season and has made up for a lot of the losses.  She leads the team in kills and is second in digs.

“When we focus and don’t get down on ourselves, we win.  When we forget our potential, we play badly.” says Sheehan who is third on the team in kills and fourth in blocks and service aces.  Junior captain Natalie George, who has the most blocks and second most kills on the season said, “We get along very well.  When we work as a team is when we play our best.”  The team is a strong bet to make the playoffs again this season as they began 4-2 in conference play.

If they can make the NCAA’s this year, it will be the third time in four years.  Considering their first appearance came in just 2007, that is quite an accomplishment.

First year Libero (or defensive specialist) Victoria Limmina submitted a solid season thus far, leading the team in digs.  Setter Cecily Shavicchio has had a good season leading the team in assists and digging the fourth most balls defensively.  Freshman Helen Trimble and Giana Jones also contribute in the rotation and contribute heavily on defense as they are second and third on the team in blocks.

On a historical note- the girls Volleyball team has come a long way in its thirty-eight year history. From the basement of the convent to hosting tournaments in the beautiful Mirenda center, it is an understatement to say that an upgrade in venue has made playing in and attending matches a more enjoyable experience.  And, according to Athletic Director Chuck Sack so was hosting the schools first Volleyball tournament.   “We loved hosting this tournament- it was a great success.”   According to the AD, they’re will most likely host an additional tournament hosted in the Mirenda center next season.

Student Leaders

Student Leaders emerge, organizing leadership institution

Sherae Dinkins


Sister Peggy Egan, Dean of Students and a task force of dedicated faculty and staff have implemented a program to unite and highlight leaders among the university.  The result of their work is the Institute for Student Leadership Formation, founded in August 2009. This umbrella organization creates opportunities and teaches transferable skills to students to assist them in becoming ethical leaders within today’s diverse society. Supported by Franciscan values, the program is holistic and built upon the philosophy of servant leadership. The 134 members of the institute presently include resident assistants, orientation leaders, Neumann navigators, student government, athletes, ambassadors, radio executive council, club presidents and ministry CORE team and some members of the honor society. Emerging leader freshman members have been identified by their grade point averages and recommendations from their high school staff. The institute accepts applications from all freshman students during their second semester.


Students within the program and those who are interested are required to attend a leadership conference at the beginning of fall and spring semesters and complete modules of learning assignments throughout the academic year. Each student also participates in the Compagno program. Italian for companion, the compagno program allows each member to select an encouraging faculty member to assist them with their journey of leadership formation. Compagnos oversee the completion of learning activities, mentor and collaborate with the students during their exploration of leadership. Compagnos confirm that all work from their student has been successfully completed, bringing them one step closer to displaying positive leadership skills. Students who intend to graduate from the institute must successfully complete four semesters and engage in an integration retreat to assure learning.  Having fully participated in the Leadership Formation Program, student will have growth in attributes and skills including respect for the dignity of each individual, the ability to collaborate, successfully work on a team, build community, operate proactively rather than reactively just to name a few. Students who ineffectively complete the qualifications of the program will be subjected to probation and/or extracted from the institute.


A task force incorporated with a student planning committee monitors the progression of the institute and enforces changes that will better support the teachings of the program. The committee serves as a representation of the future leaders who actively participate in the curriculum. Sr. Janet Thiel OSF, PhD facilitates with the committee in developing assessment tools and portfolios for students to assess via the internet to highlight their accomplishments (called E- folios).


“We want to utilize Neumann Media to raise awareness about the program because I believe all students should become involved.” explains Sister Peggy.  She also identified plans that will be fulfilled in the near future to contribute to the continuous achievements and outcomes of the organization.  It is essential for students rooted in Franciscan values to develop leadership potential to the highest point. This program is designed to inherent values of reverence for self and others.


For more information regarding the Institute for Student Leadership Formation feel free to contact Sr. Peggy Egan, OSF.

Look! Up in the Skype — it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Andre Gardner!

by Meghan Rogers

April 21, 2010 — WMGK DJ Andre Gardner visited Neumann University yesterday to speak with communication majors.  Neumann has had guest speakers before, but Gardner’s presentation was special; he never set foot on Neumann’s campus. In fact, he never left his station microphone.

Gardner came to Neumann using Skype, an online video telecommunication software that allowed him to see, speak and interact with Neumann students while he was on the air from his Greater Media studio.  Gardner shared his life and career in radio, while pausing every so often for to do a live talk break.

This unique experience gave students the opportunity to do more than just hear about how a radio DJ works, they actually got to see it. Gardner was able to show students a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes during an afternoon drive shift. Students were able to see his music log, and get a view of the board and digital system, while Gardner provided an explanation and background of what he was doing while he worked.

Gardner also tackled questions from the audience which ranged from what has been the greatest experience working for WMGK (meeting Paul McCartney), discussing the challenge of finding new ways to introduce old songs, to the constant evolution of the radio industry. Gardner provided thorough answers for every question, and did so until every question had been asked.

            Gardner hosts the afternoon drive (2:00 – 7:00PM) during the week, and Breakfast with the Beatles on Sunday mornings.

            This event was presented by the students of the Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honors Society as the first annual Communications Forum. Be sure to keep an eye out next year for another exciting speaker.

Cheerleaders: Takin’ it Out to the Ballgame


Knights visit Sharks May 1st

April 14, 2010 — The Neumann University Cheerleaders will perform as the Camden Riversharks host the Newark Bears at Campbell Field in Camden, New Jersey on May 1st at 5pm. 

Under the guidance of head coach Arielle Mungin, the university’s squad is practiced and ready for the challenge of performing on such a big stage.  

Reserved seating near the cheerleaders is available for $12. Tickets may be purchased by contacting Coach Mungin, visiting the Student Activities office, online, or by phone. Be sure to  mention Neumann University at the time of purchase.

Following the game children will be allowed to run the bases and a fireworks display will be presented.   

The Camden Riversharks opened Campbell’s Field on May 11, 2001 in front of a league record crowd of 7,192 fans. Campbell’s Field sits in the shadow of the magnificent Ben Franklin Bridge that spans the Delaware River and connects New Jersey and Philadelphia.

NU's 2010 Cheerleaders

The park faces the bridge and provides a spectacular view of the nightly light show on the bridge as well as the skyline of historic Philadelphia. Campbell’s Field seats 6,425 fans including 20 Suites, a 250 seat picnic area and 400 Club Seats that feature access to a private café.

The crown jewel of the ballpark may be the 5,000 square foot play area for kids. This area features playground equipment and four inflatable games including an obstacle course, speed pitch, moon bounce, giant slide and a rockwall. A carousel is located on the third base side upper concourse.