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Movie Review–Just Go With It

Commentary By: Frank Altamuro
Contributing Staff

Just Go With It Movie Poster     The comedy movie of the year is here! “Just Go with It” stars the elegant Jennifer Anniston and the charismatic Adam Sandler. The two play best friends that pretend to be married in an effort for Danny, played by Sandler, to land a new, hot companion. Danny was a rambunctious man who went from place to place telling them a sob story about his love life. He would wear a fake wedding ring to help sell his storyline. He would go above and beyond just to have a good time with it. On one particular evening, he met an amazing woman who actually loved him for who he was. They spend a whole day together hanging on the beach really getting to know each other on a personal level. Unfortunately at the conclusion to the wonderful day, Danny’s new friend came across the fake wedding ring in the back pocket of his jeans. Infuriated, the woman left heartbroken. Danny ran to his best friend Katherine, played by Anniston, for advice.

     The two then decided that the best way to justify the incident would to lie to his friend and give the impression they were getting a divorce. It would explain everything! When Danny told his new girlfriend, she demanded to meet his wife. The three then go to dinner and as they leave, Danny’s wife happened to mention that she had children. Danny’s new girlfriend remained skeptical and asked to meet the kids as well. Katherine fought with Danny about bringing the kids into this mess, but when Danny begged for her assistance, she, like all good friends would, agreed to go along with the stipulation. Danny became nervous about continuing the lie, but still brought her to meet the kids. After bribing the kids to act appropriately, they themselves thought he was going insane.

     The trailer for this movie keeps you wanting more. Whenever actors like Sandler and actresses like Anniston are together, you know you’re in for quality comedy. I think the two mesh well in this movie and create a good story line. Anniston always enjoys using her good looks to spice up movies whereas Sandler likes to show his humorous aroma in his character. I would like to see this movie rated in between four to five stars and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

     The trailer leaves us wondering how the movie will end. Sandler is left with the ultimate dilemma. Is this girl worth fighting for? Should he just tell her the truth about his past? Can he really pull this lie off? The plot may be unrealistic and not part of today’s society, but in the interest of comedy, just go with it. Check out the movie in theaters starting February 11th to find out the ending to this complicated relationship.