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Rosamund Lupton’s Sister – Book Review

by Quina Ahmad

Beginning with a call from her mother, Bee discovers that her younger sister, Tess, is missing. Sister grabs your attention from the start. The author, Rosamund Lupton, sets the story in England with two completely opposite sisters. Beatrice (Bee) is accomplished, stable, and what most would describe as rational. Tess on the other hand, is free-spirited, creative, and thoughtful. Beatrice’s sense of security is challenged once she learns of her sister’s vanishing. Beatrice does everything she can to figure out what really happened to her sister, whose case is later stamped a heartrending suicide. Knowing her own sister more than she knows herself, Bee goes on a mission to discover the truth. Sister is a compelling book, full of tragedy, mystery, and sisterly love.  Rosamund Lupton pulls the audience in a unique way. Sure, there is the mystery of Tess’ disappearance, the beautiful bond between sisters, and the ultimate crime exposed. Still there is the way the actual events are told that grasp the reader from the first page. Lupton wrote Sister in the words of Bee conversing with Tess in a letter/diary format; the whole book is Tess revealing her entire operation, emotions, and events to a lifeless Tess. These letters uncover the unrelenting link that holds them together. It exposes what great lengths a sister would go for truth, justice, and peace for the both of them and even some other characters around them.  Sister is a story of unconditional love and the forgiveness that Bee seeks for not being there to save Tess. However, by reading the book and learning about Tess as an individual along the way, one will know that Tess would not have thought that anything was Bee’s fault. Lupton made beautiful characters in this book that readers instantly fall in love with because of the way things unfold and the beauty in which it was written. Whether you are a criminal justice major, biology major, or a communications major, this book is for you. You will walk away with something special!