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A New Flavor for Your Earbuds! The Gaslight Anthem.

By: Tiffany Connelly
When searching for new music to purchase, a number of variables are considered: Are the lyrics something that I can relate to? Does the feel of the song fit my mood? Of course we subconsciously ask ourselves if we’ll look cool driving through the parking lot with the windows down, sunglasses on, and the song blaring from our speakers.  The Gaslight Anthem, answers with a huge “Yes!” to all of these questions.  Forming in 2006 the group originates from the humble town of New Brunswick, New Jersey. They have released three albums prior to their latest entitled Handwritten, causing them to be an enormous hit not only throughout the nation, but also in the UK. Signed with Mercury Records and SideOneDummy, their single “45” off the Handwritten album has been blowing up Philadelphia’s Radio 104.5, along with our own Neumann Radio. The album holds other incredible tracks including “Mulholland Drive”, “Here Comes My Man”, and of course “Handwritten” all of which are worth listening over and over, for the words do make an incredible impact. For example, lead singer Brian Fallon sings with flourish “…and I’ll be with you through the dark so that you do not go through the dark alone,” (Biloxi Parish, Handwritten). These lyrics are only a glimpse of the profound emotional connection he has almost organically made with his music, a vibe evident throughout each track. This album, along with The Gaslight Anthem’s debut album Sink or Swim, are my go to CDs when making the trip home from Neumann on the weekend.
If you enjoy bands such as: The Loved Ones, The Hold Steady, and The Clash, then you are sure to love The Gas Light Anthem. If you’re interested, or are already a diehard, check them out November 27th at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA!

Movie Review–Just Go With It

Commentary By: Frank Altamuro
Contributing Staff

Just Go With It Movie Poster     The comedy movie of the year is here! “Just Go with It” stars the elegant Jennifer Anniston and the charismatic Adam Sandler. The two play best friends that pretend to be married in an effort for Danny, played by Sandler, to land a new, hot companion. Danny was a rambunctious man who went from place to place telling them a sob story about his love life. He would wear a fake wedding ring to help sell his storyline. He would go above and beyond just to have a good time with it. On one particular evening, he met an amazing woman who actually loved him for who he was. They spend a whole day together hanging on the beach really getting to know each other on a personal level. Unfortunately at the conclusion to the wonderful day, Danny’s new friend came across the fake wedding ring in the back pocket of his jeans. Infuriated, the woman left heartbroken. Danny ran to his best friend Katherine, played by Anniston, for advice.

     The two then decided that the best way to justify the incident would to lie to his friend and give the impression they were getting a divorce. It would explain everything! When Danny told his new girlfriend, she demanded to meet his wife. The three then go to dinner and as they leave, Danny’s wife happened to mention that she had children. Danny’s new girlfriend remained skeptical and asked to meet the kids as well. Katherine fought with Danny about bringing the kids into this mess, but when Danny begged for her assistance, she, like all good friends would, agreed to go along with the stipulation. Danny became nervous about continuing the lie, but still brought her to meet the kids. After bribing the kids to act appropriately, they themselves thought he was going insane.

     The trailer for this movie keeps you wanting more. Whenever actors like Sandler and actresses like Anniston are together, you know you’re in for quality comedy. I think the two mesh well in this movie and create a good story line. Anniston always enjoys using her good looks to spice up movies whereas Sandler likes to show his humorous aroma in his character. I would like to see this movie rated in between four to five stars and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

     The trailer leaves us wondering how the movie will end. Sandler is left with the ultimate dilemma. Is this girl worth fighting for? Should he just tell her the truth about his past? Can he really pull this lie off? The plot may be unrealistic and not part of today’s society, but in the interest of comedy, just go with it. Check out the movie in theaters starting February 11th to find out the ending to this complicated relationship.

A Not So Hard Knock Life for the Pinkett-Smith Kids

By: Jessica Sabato
Joust Associate Editor

Will Smith has been a well established actor/producer for around two decades now, so it is no shock that he is grooming his children to follow in his footsteps.

The Pinkett Smith Family

Pinkett-Smith Family (Will and Jada in the back, and Willow and Jaden in the front)

After a shotgun wedding in 1997, The Pinkett-Smiths took little to no time to have thier first child, Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, born on July 8, 1998; two years later Jaden was graced by a little sister Willow Camille Reign Smith on October 31, 2000.

In 2003, Jaden made his TV debut in The CW show, All of Us; after the show went off air it was straight to the movie screen. It was no shock that Jaden landed the role of Christopher Gardner, the son Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith in the Pursit of Happiness, which he won an MTV Movie Award for Breakout Performance in 2007 . Following The Pursuit of Happiness, Jaden made a few TV appearances and had a role in The Day the Earth Stood Stil, but his next major hit movie was The Karate Kid in 2010.

Not wanting to leave Willow hanging out to dry, Will used her as his daughter role, Marley Neville, in I Am Legend in 2008. After discovering her voice, Willow debuted her first single “Whip My Hair” on September 7, 2010, a full album should be out sometime in 2011.

So much has been accomplished but what is next for the Pinkett-Smith kids? Will Smith along with SONY is currently in the midst of producing a new version of the hit musical Annie, which will be starring Willow Smith. Also on Will’s list of remakes; Home Alone, Matilda and The Sandlot.

The real question is: Are Will and Jaden Pinkett-Smith pushing their children too far, or do they really enjoy the lime light?

It’s the best time of the year for music

The holiday season is the best time of year for the music industry. Everyone is buying CD’s for the perfect stocking stuffer. These past two weeks we have seen numerous releases from some of the biggest names in the music business. Which one are you most excited for?

Pink Friday Review

Many people may not know who Onika Tanya Maraj is because she goes by many names… Roman Zolanski, Harajuku Barbie, and her widely used name Nicki Minaj. Minaj finally released her debut album “Pink Friday” on November 22nd, 2010. This has been one of the most anticipated albums of the year, and here is our review…

Pink Friday is a lyrical playground for Minaj. She switches accents and goes from sweet to sour in mere seconds. In the track “Romans Revenge” feat. Eminem the Nicki goes punch to punch not holding anything back and ripping through Eminem. In the last few seconds of the song you can hear Nicki whip out her British accent and try to tame both Eminem and her alter ego “Roman Zolanski”. It is these moments where Pink Friday shows the uniqueness of Nicki.

Moment 4 Life is one of the standout tracks on  Pink Friday. She nabbed Drake to help bring things down on a slow jam recalling her career and how she is living in the moment. It is also one of the rare songs where we can actually hear Nick sing instead of just rap.

On the track “Blazin” feat. Kanye West  puts her foot down and proclaims herself to be the best by telling the listener to “Go against me now!” It makes sense that Kanye appears on this track. Both Kanye and Nicki have taken the world by storm and not going anywhere anytime soon.

It wouldn’t have been Pink Friday if Nicki’s most popular single to date didn’t make an appearance. “Your Love” which sits towards the bottom of the track-list was the #1 song on the rap charts for 6 weeks. Nicki was the first female rapper to have the #1 spot since 2003.

For a debut album Nicki has made quite a name for herself. Her first week sales landed her at the #2 spot on the Billboard charts selling 375,000 copies of Pink Friday. Nicki has proven that she more than just guest appearance and has solidified herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Rap.

**There is a deluxe version available on Itunes, Target, Best Buy, and FYE.

♥♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥


Becoming a mother is one of the greatest moments in a woman’s life. Ask any mother and they will tell you, the first time you look into your child’s eyes you will understand what the words “unconditional love” mean. Much preparation is needed for the arrival of a new baby, and for many women it can be a struggle. For first time mothers it can be a time of excitement and fear. Every year thousands of women find themselves struggling with the news of an unplanned pregnancy. They may feel as though their life has been turned upside, and they have no one to turn to.

Birthright of West Chester is a non-profit organization that offers women a chance to find hope regardless of their age, color, background, or economic status.  The volunteer staff lends their support by providing the women with a judgment free environment.  They help lend a helping hand to the soon to be mothers. Each woman is treated with respect and given one on one personal attention. They are a free of charge, charitable organization that is not affiliated with any religion or political group.

Birthright exists because of the financial and moral support of their volunteers and donors. The generosity of many people has helped provide maternity clothing, formula, diapers, baby clothes, and other supplies for the struggling mothers. If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation you can contact them through birthright.org. Imagine the difference you could make in someone else’s life. If you or someone you know is looking for help remember Birthright, a friend is waiting, for as long as you need one.  Because there are more and more women struggling with unplanned pregnancies these days, the need for loving support and generosity continues to rise.

As Nursing 205 students we are required to do participate in a service learning project. We realized that now more than ever there are more women struggling with the financial and emotional aspects of an unplanned pregnancy.  This is why we decided to partner up with Birthright.  There were 6 students who chose Birthright, 3 were assigned to coordinate a Maternity clothing drive, and 3 were to help with an advertising campaign around the Neumann Campus.  The group who handled the clothing drive did a great job, and while it concluded the week of November 1st, donations are still being accepted via the Knights for life group.  If you would like to donate please contact them.   Our task was to help advertise the services Birthright has to offer women from all backgrounds.  Dr. Joe Glass and Andrew Pickul of the Joust were kind enough to allow us the opportunity to write of our experience.  The Joust has also graciously allowed Birthright advertising space in an upcoming issue.  In addition, Sean McDonald at Neumann Radio has also given our group the opportunity to interview on air Therese Bentley and Peggy Gottschall the co-directors of the Birthright facility in West Chester.  We can begin to thank both the Joust and Neumann Radio for their help and support.  We would be wrong not to acknowledge Sister Peggy for guiding us to these organizations, and her assistant Debbie for her help and poster stamps.  This project has not only taught us about what a wonderful organization Birthright is, but introduced us to some of the amazing people on our own campus, willing to help when asked.

In this economy there are single women and married couples who are in need of support during and after an unplanned pregnancy. Many are not sure what to do about it. Our hope is that after reading this article regarding Birthright that anyone reading it could benefit from their services. We have placed Birthright literature in both the Nurse’s office and the Wellness center.  You may reach them online at www.birthright.org, or call the West Chester office at 610-436-0773 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our goal was to let the Neumann community know, that if you or someone you know has an unplanned pregnancy, there is help close by… Birthright.  Everyone deserves the support that Birthright offers, no matter who they are.


Melissa Le, Donna Rush, Chuck Leone

Shooger Review


By: James Meyers


Are you always wasting time clipping coupons? Put the scissors away and grab your phone and Shooger. Shooger is just one of those apps that just make your life easier. Shooger takes your current location (using either your GPS or Zip Code) and brings coupons from local stores straight to your phone.

As you browse the list of deals in your area you have theability to “Follow” your favorite retailers so you can stay up to date with all of their deals going on in the store. You also have the ability to sort your browsing between category/proximity and local/online.

It doesn’t end there though. Once you find a particular store you can view a small profile of the store which consists of a map and address along with links for directions (make sure you have Google maps installed before you use this feature) their website, and a call button.

Another great benefit of Shooger is having the ability to “clip” the coupon (minus the scissors) and save it to your Clipped section. From there you can save it for when you need it, or for one of those rainy days.

Besides being an all around helpful app to use in your day to day life, Shooger is a great looking app. Being a BlackBerry user I do not mind that Shooger looks like an iPhone app because it works that good. If your always on the hunt for some good deals you should give Shooger a try. What do you have to lose? It’s FREE!

If you want to learn more or download Shooger head to www.shooger.com


Please come and join us for the classic play “Pygmalion”

Play dates are Thursday thru Saturday Nov 11-13 @ 8pm and Sunday Nov 14 @ 2pm.

For more information about the play, please call 610-361-5455 or e-mail Jeanetta Etienne at jd_etienne@knights.neumann.edu.

Hope to see you there!!!

Move Over IPad…

(image provided by: http://my.blackberry.com/index.jspa)

By: James Meyers

Move over I Pad there is a new tablet making its way to the masses. Canadian smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) has finally announced their not to secret tablet named the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is on monster of a tablet that will surely test the I Pads dominance over the tablet market. There hasn’t been to much news on price or availability except Early 2011, but RIM has set up a beautiful teaser on their site (http://na.blackberry.com/). Below are a list of features that the BlackBerry PlayBook will have:

  1. Adobe Flash 10.1
  2. Support for HTML 5
  3. A 7 inch LCD display
  4. 1024 x 600 screen resolution
  5. .9 lbs
  6. Full Multi-Touch
  7. Wi-fi
  8. Multi-Tasking
  9. On Screen Keyboard
  10. HD Display
  11. A 3MP front facing camera
  12. A 5MP rear facing camera
  13. 1080p HD video
  14. 1 GHz dual core processor
  15. 1 GB Ram

If you want to stay up to date you can sign-up for email updates on their website. You can also follow RIM on Twitter at @BlackBerry. You can also find them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/BlackBerry

Who is Ke$ha?

By: Jessica Sabato

Homeless. Waitress. Telemarketer. Burglar. VMA nominee.  One person, Ke$ha.

Ke$ha, legally, Kesha Rose Sebert, has honestly done it all, from living in her car to having four VMA nominations, all by the age of 23, and she does not plan to slow down any time soon!

On August 18, 2010, Ke$ha performed at Susquehanna Bank Center, and I had to privilege through the Grammy University Organization to attend a meet and greet.  The directors of the program had brought us into a Green Room, where all the students sat around in anticipation for Ke$ha to come in.

Wearing daisy duke shorts, a shirt with plenty of rips and tears, knee high boots, all topped off with  a vest covered in full black feathers, Ke$ha sure made an entrance.  Bubbly and excited Ke$ha threw herself onto a chair, took off her aviator sunglasses and propped herself up into a position where she was ready to answer any question that would come her way. The women in charge of the Grammy University program, asked Ke$ha to give us a little intro on who she was and how she got there; Ke$ha’s response, “I have no clue what I’m doing so ask away.”

Ke$ha explained how she always wanted to be a singer, because she honestly was not good at anything else.  She started her career at 17 thanks to her mother, Pebe Serbert, singer and songwriter, hooking her up with some big name connections.  By eighteen, Ke$ha moved to Los Angeles and had herself a deal with Dr. Luke’s record label.

Writing her own lyrics and collaborating ideas for her music videos, Ke$ha makes sure anything with her name attached to it is a definition of who she is and the lifestyle she lives, “honest and genuine.” “Who you are will come out eventually,” this was one of several blurbs of advice over the course of her interview.

“Stick to who you are and never give up.” This is her actual motto in life that she proclaims got her where she is today; from what she calls her “hobo” sense of style to her silly and outrageous lyrics you can tell she lives up to her motto every day.

On August 7, 2009, “Tik Tok”, Ke$ha’s first single was released.  The opening lyrics stating that she woke up in the morning “feeling like P.Diddy” came from a morning where she woke up surrounded by beautiful women.  This made her think that this is how P.Diddy woke up every day.  This song, as well as many others come from Ke$ha’s personal experiences.  Before she goes to bed, she will jot down a few lyrics and in the morning piece together a night or a scenario that happened, finish up as much of the song as she can, then bring it to Dr. Luke to fine tune it, make a beat for it, and produce it.  While “Tik Tok” was Ke$ha’s debut single from her album “Animal,” she was featured in Flo Rida’s hit song “Right Round” which hit the airwaves in January of 2009.  Ke$ha did not want credit for the song because she wanted to be first known for her own song, so she was only credited internationally.

Following “Tik Tok” came the hit single “Blah Blah Blah,” followed by “Your Love is My Drug,” and her most current single “Take it Off.” With singles, comes music videos which Ke$ha is all about.  Loving to come up with various ideas on her own for each single, she is always willing to hear ideas from her producers as well, which always lead to amazing collaborations, which could be why was nominated in several categories at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Being a woman in the industry, Ke$ha said she stands for no nonsense.   She makes sure she is treated as an equal, and if not, she has a mouth and she knows how to use it.  Describing herself as a strong powerful woman, she gets what she wants.  Aside from getting what she wants, she also doesn’t listen to bad criticism and scrutiny of others. While some people do not understand her theory to how she performs live, it is what she likes so she will keep doing it. Ke$ha’s main goal is to have her concerts be one big dance party, with most of the outros to her songs turning into intros of the next song, it is bound that all of her fans will be having non-stop fun.  And with an artist who thinks her own music is “infectiously dancy,” that is sure to happen!

When asked what her favorite part of the industry and/or touring was she said the fans.  Just that day she looked outside and saw two little girls with dollar signs painted on their faces. It made her realize that they were there for her and that her music made them happy, and that is all that matters, to make the fans happy. On the flip side the worst part is the scrutiny.  Ke$ha does not feed into any of the bad rap she gets from celebrity gossip columnist like Perez Hilton, she just simply turns her cheek and goes on with the rest of her day.  To her it is not worth reading false information and getting all worked up. “The industry is just like high school, you have to ignore the mean girls and just walk down another hallway and everything will be okay.”

What is in the future for Ke$ha? Anything and everything.  A member of Grammy University asked who she would like to work with in the future, “Prince…hey you guys do know I broke into his house right?”  With no shame she told us the story about how she dropped off a demo tape to Prince to hopefully get him to collaborate with her.  After finding his house she managed to sneak under the gate, the door happened to be unlocked so she let herself in.  When she saw the elevator she chose to go up, when she came upon a bedroom, she got scared, got back in the elevator and went up to the third floor.  The doors to the elevator opened and there Prince was standing ten feet away from her.  Not knowing what to do, Ke$ha called her mom who informed her to hand Prince her CD, which was then followed by getting kicked out of his house.  This girl was not kidding when she said she is a powerful woman who gets what she wants!  Besides Prince, East Woods and Rhianna, who Ke$ha describes as “sick,” are among the list of people she would love to collaborate with in the near future.

Ke$ha threw her sunglasses back on, and started heading out the door, before the door closed behind her she said, “ Good luck with everything and never give up.”