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Device: Macbook

App Store Category: Photography

Graphic Design has developed into a rapidly growing field in the workforce today.  Unfortunately, most graphic design software packages cost any where from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  But for those of you  (like me) that like to mess around with your photos and express your creativity I bring you hope!  iSplash is a very simple, but very addictive app that serves a simple purpose: isolate the color in your pictures.  Yes, I know this does not sound like something that is groundbreaking, nor does it seem like something worth spending your money on.  Personally, I have devoted hours of my rainy days doing my best to imitate the graphic designer that I wish I was, here are just a few of the photos that I have worked on in my spare time.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany







Location:  Amsterdam, Netherlands









Location: Pompeii, Italy








Location: TD Garden, Boston, MA

*All rights are reserved to the owner of this photo

The first three photos are from my own personal collection that I have uploaded onto my Macbook, while the fourth is an image that I found and like from a Google search.  Clearly the concept of iSplash is simple, but the results are pretty impressive for the app.  iSplash is usually worth $4.99, but right now the App Store has it on sale for $0.99!  With that being said, I highly recommend this app – especially for $1!!  iSplash is a great example of an app that’s purpose is very simple, but the makers of this app have perfected that purpose.  That is why I am giving this app a 5 out of 5 stars – you truly get your money’s worth from iSplash.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

App Review – Speeches on the go


Device: iPhone & iPad

Description: Anybody in the workforce today can tell you that the name of the game is staying up to date on new ideas and concepts.  TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization that it devoted to spreading ideas from innovative and inspiring speakers.  TED’s iPhone/iPad app is a thing of beauty for anyone who enjoys listening to innovative ideas.  My personal favorite feature of the app is the “Inspire Me” tab. Click on the tab and you can pick from 10 distinct categories of speeches, from courageous to inspiring.  After selecting your category, TED takes it to the next level by letting you specify exactly how long you want your randomly selected video to be.  Just last week I was in the RAAB waiting for my ECON 202 class to start.  Pulled out the iPhone, opened up TED, clicked the Funny category, picked the 10 minutes category, and in seconds I was watching Renny Gleeson’s act on “Antisocial Phone Tricks.”

Rating:  ★★★★

Due to the innovative “Inspire Me” tab and the awesome content that TED has in their archives and puts out on a daily basis, I am giving this app a 4 out of 5.  Of course you don’t need an iPhone or iPad to access these speeches, just visit their website at ted.com, they’ll probably have something that appeals to you!

Shooger Review


By: James Meyers


Are you always wasting time clipping coupons? Put the scissors away and grab your phone and Shooger. Shooger is just one of those apps that just make your life easier. Shooger takes your current location (using either your GPS or Zip Code) and brings coupons from local stores straight to your phone.

As you browse the list of deals in your area you have theability to “Follow” your favorite retailers so you can stay up to date with all of their deals going on in the store. You also have the ability to sort your browsing between category/proximity and local/online.

It doesn’t end there though. Once you find a particular store you can view a small profile of the store which consists of a map and address along with links for directions (make sure you have Google maps installed before you use this feature) their website, and a call button.

Another great benefit of Shooger is having the ability to “clip” the coupon (minus the scissors) and save it to your Clipped section. From there you can save it for when you need it, or for one of those rainy days.

Besides being an all around helpful app to use in your day to day life, Shooger is a great looking app. Being a BlackBerry user I do not mind that Shooger looks like an iPhone app because it works that good. If your always on the hunt for some good deals you should give Shooger a try. What do you have to lose? It’s FREE!

If you want to learn more or download Shooger head to www.shooger.com