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A New Flavor for Your Earbuds! The Gaslight Anthem.

By: Tiffany Connelly
When searching for new music to purchase, a number of variables are considered: Are the lyrics something that I can relate to? Does the feel of the song fit my mood? Of course we subconsciously ask ourselves if we’ll look cool driving through the parking lot with the windows down, sunglasses on, and the song blaring from our speakers.  The Gaslight Anthem, answers with a huge “Yes!” to all of these questions.  Forming in 2006 the group originates from the humble town of New Brunswick, New Jersey. They have released three albums prior to their latest entitled Handwritten, causing them to be an enormous hit not only throughout the nation, but also in the UK. Signed with Mercury Records and SideOneDummy, their single “45” off the Handwritten album has been blowing up Philadelphia’s Radio 104.5, along with our own Neumann Radio. The album holds other incredible tracks including “Mulholland Drive”, “Here Comes My Man”, and of course “Handwritten” all of which are worth listening over and over, for the words do make an incredible impact. For example, lead singer Brian Fallon sings with flourish “…and I’ll be with you through the dark so that you do not go through the dark alone,” (Biloxi Parish, Handwritten). These lyrics are only a glimpse of the profound emotional connection he has almost organically made with his music, a vibe evident throughout each track. This album, along with The Gaslight Anthem’s debut album Sink or Swim, are my go to CDs when making the trip home from Neumann on the weekend.
If you enjoy bands such as: The Loved Ones, The Hold Steady, and The Clash, then you are sure to love The Gas Light Anthem. If you’re interested, or are already a diehard, check them out November 27th at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA!

“The Day College Radio Comes Together”

Written By: Ashley Kreer

What do Nirvana, the B-52’s, R.E.M, 10,000 Maniacs and CBS Philly’s Spike Eskin all have in common? It may be unknown to many, but each one of these legends got their start on college radio in studios similar to the one located in the ground floor of the Bachman Main Building. Whether it was simply trying to get some air play, or skipping classes to sneak in some on air talk breaks, it’s difficult to imagine where these artists would have been if college radio never existed. Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 is the day that Neumann Radio, as well as over 500 stations worldwide, will reflect on the benefits that college radio has brought and will bring to those who come after us.  The idea of College Radio Day was first conceived in December 2010 by Rob Quicke and Peter Kreten (general managers at WPSC FM at William Peterson University in New York City). The goal was simple: to harness the combined listenership of hundreds of thousands of college radio   listeners throughout the world and to celebrate the important contributions of college radio.” Quike and Kreten also wanted to “raise greater awareness of the many college and high school stations that operate around the world” (collegeradioday.com).  What makes college radio so different than such popular commercial stations like Q102, WMMR, and WSTW is that it is free formatted. This means that the hosts are able to play whatever music they want, with as many talk breaks as they feel necessary. In addition, DJs aren’t restricted from playing unsigned artists from local areas. Quike and Kreten proudly proclaim that “College radio is one of the last remaining bastions of creative radio programming” (collegeradioday.com).    This year, there are over 500 different stations in over 20 countries participating in College Radio Day. Benefits of participating in National College Radio Day include the opportunity to share material with other stations worldwide, boost listenership by gaining international exposure, and receiving promotional items such as posters, prizes, and professional recordings by this year’s spokesperson, Chris Martin from Coldplay.  In addition to College Radio Day being a day filled with prizes, events, and international friendships, the creators of College Radio Day have also come up with a way to help those in need. For the first time ever, you can purchase the College Radio Day album for only $15.99. All proceeds go towards the College Radio Defense Club which benefits college and high school stations that are suffering through hard economic times (the period when most stations are sold or shut down). By purchasing the album online at www.collegeradio.com you can assist the Defense Club to fund events and buy new equipment for these less fortunate stations.  Neumann Radio intends to make this day very special for not only the members of Neumann Media, but for all students who attend NU. While final details aren’t public yet, Radio Coordinator Sean McDonald confirmed that there will be an Open Mic night being broadcasted live on the air from 8-10PM to end College Radio day. To sign up for an open mic slot, or to see how you can get involved, stop by the radio station (G24, BMB) or send an e-mail to radio@neumann.edu.  College Radio Day is not only important because of all the different benefits that it can bring to our program, but it’s also a reminder that college radio is still an important aspect of media. “It’s the day college radio comes together.”

Sushi Sensation: Temaki

Located just a short drive from Neumann is some of the best sushi this side of the Pacific.

Temaki in Media, PA. (Photo Courtesy of Temaki)

Hidden Treasures

Neumann students don’t know how good they have it. I’m not talking about education, of course—I’m talking about culture. If you drew a map and placed Neumann at the center, our University is located practically equidistantly to some of the tri-state areas hottest spots. Downtown Philadelphia is only a forty-five minute drive down I-95; Wilmington is less than a half an hour away, West Chester and Phoenixville are short trip down Rt. 1 and if you’re adventurous, the Jersey shore is only a ninety minute drive from campus. But, what most students don’t know is that there’s a little known hot spot even closer—less than fifteen minutes away, in Media, PA.

Media's State Street during the holidays.

Serving as the seat for Delaware County, Media is a treasure trove of culture and class. State Street, Media’s version of Main Street is overflowing with an artful blend of new and traditional, eclectic and sophisticated, international and plain old down-home goodness. Between the Media Theatre’s awesome season, events like America’s Music Festival series and Dining Under the Stars, and various other activities, there’s something for everyone. But, what most people don’t realize is that Media’s current claim to fame is their dining scene.

With restaurants like Fellini’s Café, Azie, Lotus and Seven Stones, Media has everyone covered. Especially considering the fact that located just a few steps off of State Street, Media is home to Temaki, a restaurant with some of the best sushi I’ve ever eaten.

Temaki: Award Winning 

You may not know it, but I happen to consider myself a budding foodie. As a child who hated anything green, slimy or not fried or covered in sugar, my current taste in food is a major deviation from the taste buds of my youth.

These days I’m pretty much down to try anything, and over the past few years I’ve cultivated a distinct attitude towards what I consider good food and what doesn’t quiet meet my expectations. I’ve also cultivated a particular list of favorite foods, with sushi right at the top.

Needless to say—it obviously had to take a whole lot for me to list Temaki’s sushi above everyone else’s, but believe me when I tell you, the award is well won.

Inviting Ambiance

(Courtesy of Temaki)

Entering Temaki, whose name means, “hand rolled” in Japanese, is a treat onto itself. The atmosphere is a mix of cozy, contemporary and classic. The décor is flawless. Decorations are set to match the season and holiday and the walls are covered in art from local artists (if you fall in love with a piece, you can purchase it!). Not only does Temaki have good taste in style, but they also have great taste in music—carefully placed speakers gently pulse with alternative indie and live music from local artists can be enjoyed every Wednesday night.

Guests have a choice as to where they want to sit during dinner. Temaki’s tables and chairs easily move so configuring seating for a group of eight or an intimate pair of two is no problem. And, for those a little more courageous, you can also sit at the bar—which means that, free of charge, you get a show along with dinner, as Temaki’s expertly trained sushi chefs carefully craft your meal.

A Meal to Remember

Chef Aki (Photo Courtesy of Temaki)

Speaking of meals, Temaki’s Head Sushi Chef knows how to make one.

With over thirty-five years of experience and a resume that includes working everywhere from downtown Manhattan to Japan and Taiwan, Chef Aki, Temaki’s Head Sushi Chef, can be called nothing but an expert at his craft. More than that, Aki and his team are culinary artists—taking a contemporary creative spin on a centuries-old tradition and combining experimentation with expertise to craft some of, not only the best tasting, but also most eye-pleasing sushi this side of the Pacific.

Temaki’s menu includes a combination of salads, soups, entrees, fresh meats and poultry, but of course it’s the sushi that stands out.

Guests have the option to order sushi in one of three ways—on the menu (which offers a huge selection of hand rolled sushi and sashimi), off-menu or leaving it to Aki and his team by ordering Omakase. (The Japanese phrase literally means, “I’ll leave it to you.”)

Edible Art (Photo by Alexander Crofoot)

Sitting at the bar, I asked Aki to craft my meal according to his recommendations, and I can honestly say the only thing I regret is that I ate too quickly and got full too fast.

From the very beginning, Aki produced winning combinations, by mixing classics like crunchy tuna and salmon with creative additions like homemade mango salsa, strawberries and fried potatoes.

Fruit on sushi, which I was skeptical about at first, is a winning combination. The citrus compliments the fish (which is guaranteed fresh considering Aki hand selects it daily) and each bite is a guaranteed flavor explosion. With huge portions (seriously, huge) and complimentary additions like delicious green tea, you don’t be disappointed. Each mouthful is exciting and new and with front row seats to Aki’s artistic performance, it’s an unforgettable meal.

Team Aki

But it wasn’t Chef Aki that stole the show, rather it was Team Aki—Aki’s carefully chosen collection of chefs, waitresses and staff.

To say the staff is superb is an understatement.  From the very beginning with a welcoming, “You’re in for a treat” to the very last goodbye, each member of the staff was attentive, welcoming and accommodating.

Team Aki (Photo by Alexander Crofoot)

General Manager, Kate, makes each dining experience extremely personal, visiting each table and answering questions for inquisitive guests. Temaki’s waitresses are flawlessly efficient—not one single table was empty the night I went, and each one was filled with obviously happy patrons.

Despite Temaki’s popularity and busy atmosphere, not one guest felt like just another paying customer—Team Aki made sure of it with their well-rounded team work.

While Temaki is perfect for any age group, hosting a variety while I was there, from families of four to larger parties of eight, the restaurant is perfect for college students with adventurous taste buds. Aki’s creativity and expertise is perfect even for those with conservative tastes and his team will make you feel right at home.

If (When!) You Go

If you go, remember that big things come in little packages—while the space may seem small, Temaki will leave a big impression. Also, don’t forget that you’re not bound by the menu—Aki specializes in just rolling with it—by offering a different Off-Menu special roll every night. Be sure to have dessert too, mmmm.

Temaki is a BYOB, and offers special services like free wifi, delicious take out and free delivery.

Photo by Alexander Crofoot

College is about trying new things—so venture out sometime soon and try not only a new town, but also a new restaurant—one that I promise won’t disappoint.

Temaki is located just a short drive from Neumann’s campus.

19 S. Olive Street, Media PA 19063



Keeping the Dream Alive

January 20th, 2012 – On a cold Friday night at Neumann University, a crowd filed into the Fred P. Meagher Theater for a night filled with performances; However, the theme of the night would not be one of a joyous nature.  The “Keep The Dream Alive” concert, sponsored by Campus Ministry and The Sisters of Saint Francis of Philadelphia, was in memory of the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  But more importantly, the main purpose of this concert was to raise funds and awareness for the modern day form of slavery that Dr. King (had he lived on) would have surely been disgusted to hear of – human trafficking.

Sr. Ann Forrest commenced the event by speaking on behalf of the non-profit organization “Dawn’s Place”.  Dawn’s Place was named in memory of a prostituted women who was murdered in Camden, New Jersey.  She explained to the audience the vital role that Dawn’s Place plays in the lives of those that have been sexually exploited, including victims of prostitution and sex-trafficking.  Dawn’s Place aims to provide housing, recovery and many other services to those victims and to show their support for this organization, all proceeds from the Keep The Dream Alive concert were donated to Dawn’s Place.  The other notable speaker, outside of the Neumann community, of the evening was Sr. Donna Jo Repetti of Benedictine Academy, a Catholic high school that services young women through grades 9-12 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Her and her students felt so compelled by the worldwide epidemic that is human trafficking, that they created a documentary to raise awareness of just how widespread this form of slavery has become.

The faculty and students that would represent Neumann University on the stage this night showed their awareness of human trafficking through music and poetry.  Dr. Mac Given (clarinet) , accompanied by Dr. Sylvia Riviello (piano), played a magnificent version of “Theme and Variation on Amazing Grace” that united the audience in a rhythm that would carry throughout the night.

Dr. Mac Given

But perhaps the most powerful performance of the night came from Neumann’s newest club – The Sister Bernadette McInnis Poetry Club.  Members of this club including Samuel Cole, Frank Altamuro, Nicole Thomas, Tiffany Connelly and Lauren Sherman, read a loud poems that had been written from the view point of an individual trapped in the human trafficking industry.  The performance of the poetic narrative “I Never Knew” by these students was outstanding and extremely moving.  Their words depicted the horrible realities of human trafficking, revealed the low level of awareness of this practice within the United States and left every member of the audience that night wondering if their personal problems were really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.


Samuel Cole during his portion of the poetic narrative "I Never Knew"


It may not have been something that we wanted to hear, but the things the members of the audience and myself saw and heard during the Keep The Dream Alive concert needed to be heard.  Human Trafficking is not a problem, it is an epidemic that has not properly addressed by the United States.  But for what it is worth, the participants of the Keep the Dream Alive concert are certainly doing their part in raising awareness and combating the problem through their words and talents.

Colbert 2012

Well, it’s official. I finally understand why other countries think the United States is a joke. (Besides the fact that we’ve officially declared pizza a vegetable.) It seems actor, entertainer and comedian Stephen Colbert has put his name in to run for… well, I don’t know, but I bet it’s pretty awesome

With just days leading up to the January 21st primary, last Thursday Colbert declared his intention to run for political office in South Carolina, by means of a write-in bid. Yesterday state officials in South Carolina said there wasn’t room on the bid for Mr. Colbert, but that doesn’t seem to stopping the Emmy Award winning satirist from “raising Cain” across the nation.

Colbert is best known for his “work” on The Colbert Report, a spin-off of The Daily Show with John Stewart. The Report, a parody on traditional news outlets, is currently one of the highest rated shows on Comedy Central.

No stranger to politics, Stephen Colbert was the featured entertainer in 2006 at the White House Correspondence Dinner under the George W. Bush administration. Famous for his quip, “This administration is not sinking. This administration is soaring. If anything, they are rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg!” Colbert quickly became a Republican enemy. In 2008 he hinted at running for political office in his home state of South Carolina under both the Democratic and Republican parties, but supporters of President Barack Obama pressured the state council to keep Colbert’s name off the bid. In return, Obama did not receive Colbert’s popularity booster, the curious phenomenon known as the Colbert Bump.

In September of 2010, both Colbert and Stewart marched on Washington during their Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, but it wasn’t until earlier this month that all of Colbert’s antics actually started to seem… scarily plausible.


On January 12, Colbert transferred control of his Super PAC to Jon Stewart, (read more about Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow) and began laying the groundwork for his intended campaign.

Now, of course he won’t be able to run. (Regardless of his intention to steal all Herman Cain’s votes.) But, imagine if he did. He’d actually have a chance, considering that currently only seven percent of Americans have faith in Congress and Colbert has more than that in average viewers.

“I’m doing it!’ Colbert declared on Thursday. I’m not too sure what it is, but he’s sure doing it well enough to make the American political arena look like something out of Barnum and Bailey’s.


From a five song EP in 2007 titled “The Way We Talk”, to their new album “Pioneer” released nearly five years later, The Maine has come a long way.  This alternative pop/rock band has released two full length albums alongside Pioneer.  The first being “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” which was a hit while peaking at number 40 on the Billboard charts.  If you are curious to hear some of The Maine’s earlier music I strongly suggest listening to “We’ll All Be”; that track is sure to get you hooked.  Their next album proved to be promising as well – titled “Black and White”.  While this album is titled “Black and White” it cleverly ends the album with the song “Color”; another great hit.  Each album contains a new sound while sticking to their roots, which seems to be a habit for The Maine.  They are constantly testing their boundaries to see what they can come up with next.  Their newest album “Pioneer” was written independently while the band was in El Paso, Texas.  This album is said to be different from their typical pop sound, while focusing on “disguising the pop songs into more of an undertone of rock”.  This album also relies on being more guitar heavy as heard in the songs “My Heroine”, “Some Days” and many others.  Pioneer gave the band creative freedom to explore their own preferences and branch out to put their own ideas into their music.  Not only did I attend their concert on December 15th but I also had the privilege to interview band members Kennedy Brock and Pat Kirch about their music, their inspiration, and their newest album “Pioneer”:

-How would you say the sound of your music has progressed since The Way We Talk?

Pat:  I would say it’s just been a natural progression. This sound is different, but I wouldn’t know how to describe it because it wasn’t something we really thought about, it just sort of happened.

-You recorded Pioneer more independently than your other albums, how would you say this has affected the music?

Kennedy: Well I just think in some of our past records we felt there were too many cooks in the kitchen and trying to have their opinions heard.  I think the process was just simpler basically.

Pat: There wasn’t any pressure, because we recorded this without even knowing it would be an album.  We were just recording to record and we didn’t know if it would just be an idea or something more than that. That way we did whatever we wanted and recorded a whole bunch of songs.

-How many songs did you record to begin with?

Pat: Well we fully recorded 27, in the same process as the ones that made it to the album, and then just picked our 13 favorite ones to put on there.

-I have to ask about the album cover, what made you go for the beard and the lipstick?

Pat: I think it fits in with the way the record was made and the album title in the sense that you generally wouldn’t expect a man that looks like that to be wearing red lipstick, but he’s doing what he wants to do.

Kennedy: Exactly, I think the whole process of recording this record and getting the music out was doing what we wanted to do and really striving to be whatever we wanted to be.  I think that album cover is just one instance that is capturing that feeling.

-Is that also where the word “Pioneer” works into the album?

Pat: Yes, it’s an empowering word, not only for us but for people in general to do their own thing.

-Your track Waiting for My Sun to Shine has a “hidden song”, how did this come to be?

Pat: For all our records we’ve always wanted to do a secret track, we tried to in the past.  We recorded the song and felt like that would work as a secret track, so you kind of get a 14th song.

-So you wanted the track to be within a song and not a separate track?

Kennedy: Right, we made it so that you have to find it.

-Is there a particular order you placed the tracks in?

Pat: Yes, that’s another one of those things we tried to do in the past but because of people we were recording with and things like that it just didn’t end up working out.  This record is everything that we’ve ever wanted to put in a record and we’ve just finally had the chance to do it.

Kennedy: Yea, it’s just one of our other tricks and fun things we added the album.  It adds to the experience.

-When you go through the process of writing your music how does it all come together? Is it collaborative?

Pat: Yea it depends.  I mean since we did so many songs for this album they were all a little different.  There will be times when John will come in with an entire idea and we figure out what each guy will do.  Then there could be a time where someone was messing around with a riff and we all work off of that.

Kennedy: I would say it’s just song to song, it’s a collaborative effort.  John definitely writes the songs and stuff like that so he kind of depicts certain things, but it’s definitely a group effort.

-Is there any one song in this album that is your personal preference over any of the songs?

Kennedy: The whole thing!

Pat: Yea, I’m proud of the whole thing. I think if you asked me at a certain time I would say “Oh this one!” but it would always change.  I just like all of them.

Kennedy: Yea, I think this record was our opportunity to put our favorite songs on a record.

Pat: That’s what’s so cool about all the shows were doing.  Were playing the whole record from front to back which is the first time we’ve done anything like that before.  It feels really fulfilling because it feels like one piece and one giant thought.  And I think it will be hard to not do that again.

Kennedy: Yea, it will be hard to skip around the album after this.

The Maine’s “Pioneer” is now available on iTunes and I strongly suggest taking a listen to their tracks.  This album is by far their greatest one to date, and clearly after the band added their own ideas and preferences to the album, it felt very fulfilling.  I had a great time interviewing Kennedy and Pat and was very thankful for the opportunity.  Their concert was one of the best I’ve been to because they played every one of their new tracks including old favorites.  Buy their new album “Pioneer”; you won’t regret it!

-Kelsey Ploppert


Device: Macbook

App Store Category: Photography

Graphic Design has developed into a rapidly growing field in the workforce today.  Unfortunately, most graphic design software packages cost any where from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  But for those of you  (like me) that like to mess around with your photos and express your creativity I bring you hope!  iSplash is a very simple, but very addictive app that serves a simple purpose: isolate the color in your pictures.  Yes, I know this does not sound like something that is groundbreaking, nor does it seem like something worth spending your money on.  Personally, I have devoted hours of my rainy days doing my best to imitate the graphic designer that I wish I was, here are just a few of the photos that I have worked on in my spare time.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany







Location:  Amsterdam, Netherlands









Location: Pompeii, Italy








Location: TD Garden, Boston, MA

*All rights are reserved to the owner of this photo

The first three photos are from my own personal collection that I have uploaded onto my Macbook, while the fourth is an image that I found and like from a Google search.  Clearly the concept of iSplash is simple, but the results are pretty impressive for the app.  iSplash is usually worth $4.99, but right now the App Store has it on sale for $0.99!  With that being said, I highly recommend this app – especially for $1!!  iSplash is a great example of an app that’s purpose is very simple, but the makers of this app have perfected that purpose.  That is why I am giving this app a 5 out of 5 stars – you truly get your money’s worth from iSplash.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

App Review – Speeches on the go


Device: iPhone & iPad

Description: Anybody in the workforce today can tell you that the name of the game is staying up to date on new ideas and concepts.  TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization that it devoted to spreading ideas from innovative and inspiring speakers.  TED’s iPhone/iPad app is a thing of beauty for anyone who enjoys listening to innovative ideas.  My personal favorite feature of the app is the “Inspire Me” tab. Click on the tab and you can pick from 10 distinct categories of speeches, from courageous to inspiring.  After selecting your category, TED takes it to the next level by letting you specify exactly how long you want your randomly selected video to be.  Just last week I was in the RAAB waiting for my ECON 202 class to start.  Pulled out the iPhone, opened up TED, clicked the Funny category, picked the 10 minutes category, and in seconds I was watching Renny Gleeson’s act on “Antisocial Phone Tricks.”

Rating:  ★★★★

Due to the innovative “Inspire Me” tab and the awesome content that TED has in their archives and puts out on a daily basis, I am giving this app a 4 out of 5.  Of course you don’t need an iPhone or iPad to access these speeches, just visit their website at ted.com, they’ll probably have something that appeals to you!

Too Hot Too Stop

Most people would be shocked to hear that the origins of The Red Hot Chili Peppers goes all the way back to 1983.  But its true, and almost 30 years later, the band is still making, playing and performing incredible music.  In fact, you can find their newest album, I’m With You, playing just about everywhere.  Whether it is MTV, Sportscenter, or the radio, I’m With You is showing early signs of success that we have seen in other Chili Peppers albums such as Californication and By The Way.

I’m With You is the first time we have heard from the Chili Peppers since Stadium Arcadium back in 2006.  It is also the first album in quite some time that the Chili Peppers have produced without controversial guitarist John Frusciante.  Although he had some drug issues that have caused some temporary leaves of absence in the past, Frusciante had been one of the core members of the band since the death of original guitarist Hillel Slovak in 1988.  But in 2009 Frusciante decided that his musical inspirations were going in a different direction than that of the bands.  And as a result, he has been working on his solo career ever since.

Which means that I’m With You is the first Chili Peppers album that features Frusciante’s “permanent replacement” Josh Klinghoffer.  As a long time friend of the band, Klinghoffer made a few appearances towards the end of the Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium tour.  But with Frusciante gone, it would seem that Klinghoffer is here to stay.  One thing is sure about I’m With You – almost 30 years and several bands members later, The Red Hot Chili Peppers still have the ability to create a distinctive type of music that has solidified their place in Rock N’ Roll history.  In 2009 the band was nominated to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, but missed the final cut in 2010.  If I’m With You is any indicator, the Chili Peppers will be in the Hall of Fame soon enough.






**All credit of this photo is attributed to Damien Hirst

DayLight Falls to play at the Trocadero

DayLight Falls features Neumann University student, Kevin Rudd and some of his friends. They will be playing at the Trocadero Theatre’s Main State on Saturday April 23. Details are below.


The Trocadero Theatre (Main Stage)
Tixs are $14 advance All Ages
April 23, 2011   (Saturday)
Starts @ 1pm
Contact Kevin Rudd for Tixs
Email: ka_rudd@knights.neumann.edu
Winning Band gets $10k and a Record Deal with Danimal Records
Daylight Falls       Bio
Members: Sean Duffin-Guitar, J.J. Palomarez-Bass, John Kross-Drums, Barry Free-Vocalist, and
 Kevin Rudd-Guitar/Backing Vocals
DayLight Falls Band PhotoFinishing up the final touches on their arsenal of original songs, Daylight Falls looks to make a name for themselves in the Philadelphia area music world. Having commenced the writing process in January of 2010, Daylight Falls has taken the time to bring out the best of their songwriting capabilities with their heavy, yet melodic sound. Long time friends Sean Duffin and J.J. Palomarez (guitar and bass) began putting together song ideas in January merely for fun and decided to send demos over to Philadelphia drummer John Kross. After hearing what John could bring to the table, the band immediately decided they would try to take it one step further and started their search for a vocalist. While continuing to write new music, the band hooked up with vocalist Barry Free months later and was amazed at his ability to turn an already great sounding instrumental into an amazing song. The band recently added guitarist Kevin Rudd to the group to bring the sound and intricacies into a live setting. Daylight Falls looks to begin playing shows starting in 2011 while continuing to work on their debut album. .
Websites: http://www.purevolume.com/DAYLIGHTFALLS37091 Check out our other events. see if you can post them.
Check us out on Facebook/ reverbnation/ and myspace.com