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About the Joust

The Joust is Neumann University’s Newzine — part newspaper, part magazine.

A print edition is published and distributed monthly (during the academic year); the online edition is updated daily.

Like other members of  Neumann Media, the Joust is produced by the studentsfor the students.  The mission of the Joust is simple: an outlet for student voices. Contributors may report on any subject in any format (news, reviews, cartoons, photos, poems, polls, opinion, etc.) but must do so within the boundaries of reverence, integrity, service, excellence and stewardship.

No experience or special major is needed to be part of the Joust — if you like  writing, photography, design, graphics, and meeting new people, you’ll love the Joust.

To get involved or submit an article or idea, contact:

Ashley Kreer: am_kreer@knights.neumann.edu

Adviser:  Dr. Joe Glass glassj@neumann.edu.

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