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Student Government/Activities/Clubs Update

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By: Frank Altamuro

The Student Government Association (SGA) is promoting a year of positivity. SGA is hosting events to enhance campus life and energize students to encourage involvement. This semester began with the Involvement Fair on September 5, 2012. Over 30 clubs and organizations recruited new members and handed out information on their activities for the year. On September 11, Student Government held a 9/11 prayer service in which 140 students attended in honor of the fallen soldiers. On September 18, a forum with Dr. Mirenda, President of Neumann University, was held to address student concerns. Also, Student Government entered into Peace One Day. Peace One Day is a national organization to promote peace on September 21; a day ruled by the United Nations as a cease fire. Coming up in October, SGA will host the annual Clubs Commissioning Dinner. This day of prayer for progress will set a positive mood to help Neumann leadership grow as a unit. Advisor to Student Government, James Gallo stated, “This year I will be constantly reminding each member of student government why we are here, that is, to make a difference for the students and voice their opinions to create change.” Gallo and the fifteen elected members of SGA are in the process of starting nine new clubs on campus and authorizing club budgets. Freshmen Representatives are currently submitting applications for Student Government. At the conclusion of this election, SGA will be at full strength and will keep students notified about upcoming endeavors.
Student Activities Update
The Student Activities Board (SAB) is sponsoring Homecoming from October 19-21. Ashanti will be performing in the Mirenda Center for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development. Tickets will be on sale in the Student Activities Office in the last week of September, but remember for Neumann students it is free! Student Activities is also working on supporting co-curricular activities this year. Rock the Vote, sponsored by MTV, will be held on Thursday, September 27. This event will be informative. It will educate students on the rights of our independence and encourage them to register for the upcoming election.
Student Activities will also be sponsoring athletic excursions to the Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and Union games. In addition, there will be trips to Wildwood, New York, Hershey Park and the Franklin Institute. SAB is working tirelessly to have a variety of events that incorporate education, excitement and engagement.  The club promotes strengthening student to student bonding. Events are held to appeal to a wide variety of interest groups. This method is in correlation with the school’s mission of diversity. SAB welcomes new members and hopes to continue to expand the program.

Club Updates
Coffee and Conversation Club will be meeting this semester to discuss topics such as the upcoming election and misconceptions with homosexuality. Neumann Media is hosting College Radio Day on October 2, with musicians to enhance radio awareness. Pre-Med Club and Students in Free Enterprise Club both presented constitutions to Student Government and are awaiting club approval. There is talk of an Ally Club, Pre-Law Club and Spirit Club. Details to be released in October.

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