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From “the lou” to “the throne”

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$6,400 can buy you a lot of things.  From a used car to utility bills for the year to a lifetimes supply of Nutella.  But ask the company Kohler what you should invest those $6,400 in and they will reply with one word – Numi.

Numi is Kohler’s newest model of toilet – that’s right I said toilet – and after taking a in-depth examination of all its features, it is safe to say that Numi is the Ferrari of toilets (if such an assumption was ever possible).  So what is the total cost of this “wonder” toilet, you guessed it, $6,400!

How in the world could a toilet be worth $6,400 (approximately 81 times worth the price of a regular toilet at Home Depot)? Kohler tries to justify this obscene price by including the following unprecedented features into the Numi’s design.  First of all, the Numi has no visible levers or buttons.  In fact, the exterior of the toilet is completely barren.  The Numi is controlled by a remote that is all touch screen – think of it as an iPod touch only for your toilet!  This remote can make the Numi flush in one of two settings (eco-flush or regular flush), clean or dry itself.  But it can also play music, provide heating and other user preferences.  The remote comes with a charging station that you may place it in during the time you aren’t using it and if it were ever to break the Numi does have what I am calling emergency flush buttons located on the back of it.

*All rights to this photo belong to Kohler

Next comes the most blatant visible feature of the Numi, its curious design.  It is in the shape of a rhombus (thank you high school geometry), which in my opinion hardly seems ideal.  The Numi also has light sensitive detectors that are will turn on LED lights located in the rear panel and the bowl when the room turns dark.  But wait it gets better, you do not even have to open the Numi toilet by hand, it comes with a built in sensor that you place your foot in front of upon arrival and the seat will automatically open.  The other notable features of the Numi are the built in MP3 plug in and a FM Radio. It comes with a 43 page users manual that will explain how to use all the features properly.

I’m not quite sure if I should be impressed or disgusted with this incredible amount of detail placed into a toilet.  But the only flaw I can find with the Numi is that it seems to me in order to get all of your $6,400 worth out of this toilet you’ll have to spend hours at a time on it.  And maybe with all of the features of a seat in a luxury car you may be able to do that.  So never mind that car you were saving up for, or the apartment you were planning on renting, or the student loans you were planning to pay off.  Clearly, your money will be better spent facilitating your comfort on a toilet.  All in all, we have clearly gotten to the point where we are just abusing the power of technology for our own laziness.

Check out this youtube video on the Numi!

But I must warn you, if you are as immature as I am, you will have a very hard time not busting out laughing 20 seconds into this video.


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